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Monthly Archives: February 2020

SWEET POTATO: FREE MASTER CLASS on FODMAPS 2/24/20 _ Did you know that eating over a 1/2 cup of Sweet Potato could upset your stomach and Gut! _ Sweet Potatoes have a natural sugar called Mannitol. _ Mannitol is a Polyol & over consumption of this natural sugar substitute could upset your stomach and gut. _ Mannitol is poorly & incompletely absorbed by most humans in the small intestine. _ Polyol are the “P” in FODMAP…. Read More

FREE MASTER CLASS on FODMAPS 2/24/20 _ A little toot here, a little toot there…. _ Man, I just started to eat more healthy food & I’m rootin’ & tootin’ all over! _ I hear this all the time & everyone is so quick to blame it on the increase in lean animal protein intake!  All the damn time!  Chances are it has nothing to do with the protein. _ Guess what…You… Read More

I HAVE BEEN THERE! _ Are you seeing a decline in your energy? _ I have been there… _ Are you having unexplained anxiety to everyday normal events in your life? _ I have been there… _ Are you gaining or not losing belly fat even though you are exercising regularly? _ I have been there too… _ Are you not sleeping well? _ Been there… _ One last THING…Is your libido… Read More

BEST WAYS TO OPTIMIZE TESTOSTERONE & BUILD MUSCLE! _ -Balance your nutrition:  Well-balanced amounts of protein, carbs, & fats _ -Get 7-8 hours of sleep.  Sleep is an easy way to help aid in testosterone production & decrease belly fat _ -Eliminate SOY & yes-àFLAX.  These are known estrogenic.  Get them out! _ -Follow a properly designed & programmed exercises program.  There are no cookie cutter approaches.  Hire a coach to design… Read More