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Today is the last day to apply for Make the Monies Mastermind. Nobody likes the term “accountability buddy.” It was a good idea, and it served its purpose 15 years ago, but now it’s kind of cringy, isn’t it? It feels cringy because it’s superficial. The image it conjures is two 50-something women in neon windbreakers pumping their arms as they powerwalk down the neighborhood sidewalk together. They’ll walk every day. They’ll… Read More

Get your business to 6-figures by focusing on its leader. Do you ever go to a baseball game, or a Broadway show, or a concert and think to yourself: Damn. They look like they’re having a good time. I wonder what it would be like to be up there with them. And then you go back to your $16 popcorn and continue watching other people have an incredible time living their best… Read More

“WHEN GOOD PEOPLE MAKE GOOD MONEY, THEY CAN DO GREAT THINGS” – ChrisWHarder Good people know good people.  Good people care about good things. Good people help other people. When good people have good money, they can augment their influence and ability to help others. There’s this idea that “money is the root of all evil,” and it’s BS. Money will expand your intentions. If you have good intentions, you will expand… Read More

Welcome to Make the Monies, Georgia Fischer! 🔥 Georgia is a prime example of a client I LOVE to work with. 🏆  👉🏻 Georgia is a former athletic trainer and current strength/ nutrition/ awesomeness coach.  Georgia is WINNING and WINNING BIG! She has a BURNING desire to help people and get them pain-free. 🤝 She even created her own acronym! 👉🏻 “Go from R.I.C.E. to F.R.E.E.” 🔥 -Fit -Ready -Efficient Plan -Elevated Strength … Read More

I was a case study in entrepreneurial burnout.  Seriously. I should have been studied. I was that person who kept running into the same wall over and over again, complaining about all the pain I was in from running into that wall, and then getting up the next day to continue running into that same damn wall. I was exhausted. Depleted. Sick. And Artemis and I had a business to run. We… Read More

What you give, you get back. In life, in relationships and especially, in your business. You NEED to grow comfortable with investing in your business. You tap into your abundance mindset when you begin investing money in your business. New mantra: “Every dollar I spend on my business returns to me TENFOLD.” 🔥 The absolute best investment my wife Artemis Scantalides and I made was investing in business coaches. They took us… Read More

Are you investing TIME or MONEY? 💰⏰ 👉🏻 On Monday, I talked about the importance of investing in your business. I said it is essential to invest money wisely into your business. If you invest in alignment, you can expect a return of abundance. If you’re not ready to invest money, you’re going to have to invest time. You can pay for support, or you can do it yourself. 🔹 If it takes… Read More