Monthly Archives: June 2021

What you give, you get back. In life, in relationships and especially, in your business. You NEED to grow comfortable with investing in your business. You tap into your abundance mindset when you begin investing money in your business. New mantra: “Every dollar I spend on my business returns to me TENFOLD.” 🔥 The absolute best investment my wife Artemis Scantalides and I made was investing in business coaches. They took us… Read More

Are you investing TIME or MONEY? 💰⏰ 👉🏻 On Monday, I talked about the importance of investing in your business. I said it is essential to invest money wisely into your business. If you invest in alignment, you can expect a return of abundance. If you’re not ready to invest money, you’re going to have to invest time. You can pay for support, or you can do it yourself. 🔹 If it takes… Read More