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E22! _ The BIRTHCONTROL ESTROGENTIC _ Main Exposure is through Birth control pills & reclaimed/recycled water. _ OK, so men, I know you will not be taking birth control pills, but some of these posts are for any and everyone! So, women, if your taking BC pills. Its not’s good idea. _ Secondly, with more than 60% of married women on the planet taking chemical contraceptives containing E22. They eventually get urinated… Read More

PHTHALATES! _ The PLASTIC ADDITIVE ESTROGENTIC _ Main Exposure is through plastics and personal care products. _ Your personal care products may contain PHTHALATES which are chemicals found in plastics and personal skin care products proven to be feminizing males by blocking testosterone production. _ Just ready the label & look for PHTHALATE free. _ DID YOU KNOW that Phthalates are found in all personal skin care products unless noted on the label… Read More

  PARABENS! _ The FRAGRANCE ESTROGENTIC _ Main Exposure is through those wonderful fragrances you’re sniffing. _ This one is found in most men’s cologne, perfumes, & most laundry detergent fragrances. _ Just ready the label & look for PARABEN free. _ Personally, I keep with using @brooklyngrooming @herbancowboyofficial & @brickellproducts _ These 3 brands keep it real and keep it clean! _ Unfortunately, you cannot completely avoid this one. It seems… Read More

RED DYE #3 & #40! _ The ARTIFICIAL RED FOOD COLOR ESTROGENTIC _ Main Exposure is through pretty much any fake color RED. _ This one is found in most foods with the color red! If your food is RED, chances are it is red because of RED DYE NUMBER 3 or RED DYE NUMBER 40 _ Just ready the label & look to avoid RED #3 or RED #40. _ I… Read More

WATCH THOSE SOAPS! _ TRICLOSAN AND APEs = The SOAP ESTROGENIC _ Main Exposure is through soaps. _ This one is found in most soaps and the main use is to cause a nice soapy suds! _ Just ready the label and look to avoid APEs. _ Guys, I personally use products by @herbancowboyofficial and @brickellmensproducts _ Herban Cowboy has a great bar soap I personally like the Dusk scent and so… Read More

ROUND-UP!  ROUND IT UP…GET IT GONE! _ ATRAZINE = The HERBICIDE ESTROGENIC _ Main Exposure is through herbicides and pesticides. _ This one is short and sweet. Avoid most, if not all herbicides! _ Products like #ROUNDUP Don’t get around, don’t ingest it, don’t let it touch your skin…you may melt away like the wicked witch of the west!  Ha. Not really. Just do your best to avoid many if not all… Read More

FUNGUS!! _ Mycoestrogens = The Fungus ESTROGENIC _ Main Exposure is through cheap grains, corn, peanuts, chocolate,& coffee _ Mycoestrogens also known as zearalenone(ZEA). Mycoestrogen is the fungus estrogenic & tends to be found in grains. But also found in Corn, Peanuts, Chocolate, & Coffee. You can avoid this by investing in better quality products & make sure they have not been sitting in the store for long. _ Products made cheap… Read More

ALL THINGS SOY & FLAX _ Phytoestrogens = The PLANT ESTROGENICS _ Avoid SOY, FLAX, Lavender, and Cannabis _ Soy is seeming to be in everything these days. Soy is a top estrogenic and we should avoid all forms of it.  You can find this in so many places, because soy is cheap. Its produced in abundance & sold cheap.  So its used as an additive in so many things. Seriously, take… Read More