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FAT, SICK, & INFERTILE _ OK!  Now that I have your attention… _ Have you ever heard of ESTROGENTICS? _ A good definition from @anthonygjay book ESTROGENERATION is something that binds or “sticks” to estrogen receptors in the body. _ Why are ESTROGENTICS bad for us.  Well to keep it simple.  Over exposure to estrogenics leads to obesity, sickness & infertility. _ Over the course of the next 10 days I will… Read More

BOOM BOOM BOOM, LET ME HEAR YOU SAY WAY-Oooo, WAY-Oooo _ WAY-Ooo to some serious GLTUES & TOP 4 reasons to do your damn GLUTE BRIDGES! _ Building your glutes does not have to be a choir.  I recommend to all my peps to get your glute bridges done every day. Either with bodyweight or loaded.  But do your damn GLUTE BRIDGES! _ Most people want a great set of glutes, but… Read More

    SHOULDERS SHOULDERS SHOULDERS and of course REAR FOOT ELEVATED SPLIT SQUAT   _ Crush the SHOULDERS & also train your Torso, Hip, back & shoulders in a fundamental pattern!  _ Lateral and Front Raises are great to develop the shoulders…& of course why wouldn’t I add in a RFESS! _ Grab a light to moderate load and work on lateral and front raises with the rear foot elevated split squat…. Read More

  WHEN I DIP YOU DIP WE DIP! Hit your legs and shoulders with this chain! _ The Lateral Lunge, Clean to Press: is a simple movement chain of movements that give you so much! _ Get your legs & core activated with the Lateral Lunge. The Lateral Lunge while holding weights gets great hip & leg work & flips the switch on that core activation. _ Work this variation of a… Read More

    ALL IN ONE, ONE FOR ALL! Burn out the chest, Tri’s, & Lat’s with this complex! _ The Hip Bridge: Chest Press to Pull over is a simple move that give you so much! _ Get your hips & core activated with the Hip Bridge: Chest Press to Pull over. This hip bridge while holding weights gets great hip activation & maybe more importantly core activation. The challenge here is… Read More

  YOUR SOAP MAY BE LOWERING YOUR TESTOSTERONE Your personal care products may contain PHTHALATES which are chemicals found in plastics and personal skin care products proven to be feminizing males by blocking testosterone production.   DID YOU KNOW that Phthalates are found in all personal skin care products unless noted on the label by the manufacturer?   DID YOU ALSO KNOW that one of the easiest ways to help optimize testosterone production… Read More

WISH TO BE BETTER! Today’s post comes from @willroundtree _ I heard Will speak on the podcast QOD with Sean Croxton. I highly suggest this short daily podcast to all! _ “NEVER WISH THINGS WERE EASIER, WISH THAT YOU WERE BETTER”! This quote absolutely fired me up!  It was awesome.  It spoke to me on so many levels. _ Quick example that we are in control of getting better.  Sitting back &… Read More

  5 RULES TO OPTIMIZE TESTOSTERONE! _ Optimizing testosterone can be tricky but if you work on these 5 rules you will be well on your way to feeling better, and more importantly…GETTING BETTER! _ Have Patience _ It takes time to begin the process of having your hormones operate optimally.  I remember it took me close to 4-6 weeks before I stated to notice any changes from the testosterone therapy I… Read More

Eating high quality food should always be a top priority when looking to optimize your testosterone. Eating the best PROTIEN, CARBS, & FATS will be the building block! _ Keep your foods to the best nutrient dense possible. Stay away from the processed junk & even the highly processed so call “health” foods. These days the term “healthy” gets thrown on so many labels. _ PROTIEN _ Lean animal proteins are best…. Read More