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Monthly Archives: January 2020

$87.50 per week… _ Or…$12.50 a day!!! _ Would you sacrifice one night out a week?  Typical cost is $87.50. _ Would you sacrifice eating out for lunch everyday?  Typical cost is $12.50. _ This is the small amount to devote to 8 weeks of coaching in my EMPOWERU: MEN ONLINE TRAINING GROUP! _ A program that will build habits for life! _ I show you & coach you to have better… Read More

EMPOWERU: MEN ONLINE TRAINING GROUP _ Pre Registration is OPEN! _ CLICK HERE to read more! _ How do you plan to head into 2020? _ Are you interested in laying the foundation for shredding body fat and gaining lean muscle mass? _ I am going to be opening registration to my 8 week EmpowerU: Men Online Group Coaching! _ This group will be open to only 10 Men.  Registration will open… Read More

Oooh that SMELL!! _ I’m not talking about Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song here!! _ I’m talkin’ BEANS & SOME VEGGIES = FODMAPs _ Did you know…These are longer chains of sugar that humans do not have the enzymes to digest? _ They Fall in “O” of FODMAPs _ Oligosaccharides – fructans (FOS)& galactooligosaccarides (GOS) _ Foods such as: Broccoli Onions Garlic Beans _ They are helpful in some, but many humans have issues with these… Read More