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CONSISTENCY, JUST KEEP GOING! _ Consistency is the conformity in the application of something. The more consistent you are with many areas in your life, the more success you will find in many areas of your life. _ DID YOU KNOW that many small consistent workouts will end up being better in the long run than one day that leaves you dead on the floor & unable to move? _ Small consistent… Read More

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EMPOWERU: MEN ONLINE TRAINING GROUP _ Pre Registration is OPEN! _ CLICK HERE to read more! _ How do you plan to head into 2020? _ Are you interested in laying the foundation for shredding body fat and gaining lean muscle mass? _ I am going to be opening registration to my 8 week EmpowerU: Men Online Group Coaching! _ This group will be open to only 10 Men.  Registration will open… Read More

Oooh that SMELL!! _ I’m not talking about Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song here!! _ I’m talkin’ BEANS & SOME VEGGIES = FODMAPs _ Did you know…These are longer chains of sugar that humans do not have the enzymes to digest? _ They Fall in “O” of FODMAPs _ Oligosaccharides – fructans (FOS)& galactooligosaccarides (GOS) _ Foods such as: Broccoli Onions Garlic Beans _ They are helpful in some, but many humans have issues with these… Read More