Episode 13: Understanding Esteem and Self Esteem

Episode 13: Understanding Esteem and Self Esteem

Esteem vs. Self-Esteem 💭⚡

Here is how I break it down: 👇

Esteem ➝ A high respect and high regard
Self-Esteem ➝ How we see and treat ourselves
High Self-Esteem ➝ A high respect for ourselves and our self-worth; believing we deserve everything that our thoughts, minds, and bodies truly need to thrive.

High self-esteem and ego get clumped together, but they’re two very separate concepts.

High self-esteem is believing you are worthy of awesome things.

Ego is believing you deserve all the credit for the creation of your awesomeness.

Your self-worth and amazingness do not stem from your own actions and achievements.

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