Monthly Archives: February 2016

In my newest video blog I discuss strategies for having nutritional success.  Topic covered here is Planning for Success.  I tend to think of the Seven 7 Ps!  Seven Ps stand for Proper Prior Planning Prevent Piss Poor Performance.  Heading into the store we need to have a proper plan to achieve success and overcome “false marketing”.  I hope you enjoy this video blog on helping you to achieve nutritional success. Please… Read More

What is Organic? Is Organic Healthy? Should I buy this organic product? These are all common questions I get asked on a daily basis. Fact is…marketing companies are mis-using this word and tricking you into buying their products. In this short video…learn some strategies to help navigate through the marketing to have a sustainable nutritious diet!   I can help educate you on this topic is detail.  Check out my blog on… Read More