Monthly Archives: March 2020

TALL KNEELING OVER HEAD PRESS! _ My all time favorite Over Head Press is to train in it from the Half Kneeling position! _ Here are the Highlights of training this fundamental pattern: On Knees/Torso Tight/Glutes Tight Tight Grip on Kettlebell Fist Below Chin at the start of each rep Drive Straight Up Elbow Locked Out and Biceps near Ear. On the way down, use the Lat and Pull the weight down… Read More

EmpowerU Radio Show! _ Hey Everyone!┬á Brace yo’ self! _ Man, I am so excited to announce that in April I will be launching a Podcast. _ EmpowerU Radio Show _ Here are the deets on my new & fresh podcast! _ EmpowerU Radio exposes you to the evidence based truth with balanced clinical practice behind all things #Leadership, #Mindset, #Health, #Nutrition and the #healthcare profession of Athletic Training. _ Your host… Read More

ATHLETIC TRAINER _ Did you know that March is National Athletic Training Month? _ A month dedicated to understanding & promoting┬áhealth care professionals┬áknown as┬áATHLETIC TRAINERS. _ Do you know what an athletic trainer is? _ The name can be miss leading. _ Athletic Trainers are: _ Health care professionals who render service or treatment, under the direction of or in collaboration with a physician, in accordance with their education & training &… Read More