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Celery Juice = HIGH FODMAP = The SQUIRTS = Not CLEANSING _ Did you know that celery & all that wonderful juice being made is actually a very high FODMAP food? _ Did you know that the gas & diarrhea you’re getting is not your body cleansing toxinsโ€ฆyou’re actually causing some harm & disruption to the lining of your GI Tract from all the mannitol you are consuming? _ I hear it… Read More

WHAT THE FLOCK ARE FODMAPS?!?! _ A little toot here, a little toot thereโ€ฆ. _ Man, I just started to eat more healthy food & I’m rootin’ & tootin’ all over! _ I hear this all the time & everyone is so quick to blame it on the increase in lean animal protein intake!ย  All the damn time!ย  Chances are it has nothing to do with the protein. _ Guess whatโ€ฆYou may… Read More

EMPOWERU: MEN ONLINE TRAINING GROUP _ How do you plan to head into 2020? _ Are you interested in laying the foundation for shredding body fat and gaining lean muscle mass? _ MEN!ย  I am going to be opening registration to my 8 week EmpowerU: Men Online Group Coaching! _ This group will be open to only 10 Men.ย  Registration will open on 1/20/20 _ EmpowerU: Men Online Group will begin Feb… Read More

METABOLIC BURN: Save this POST! _ Yesterday I hit up this barn burning of a Conditioning & Strength Training session. _ I work on One Loaded Movement & back it up with a challenging Bodyweight Movement. _ This way I can work on strength training & conditioning in the same session.ย  Put on muscle & work on burningย  body fat.ย  This beats hours on the treadmill any day! _ Here is how… Read More

WHERE IT HURTS… _ Take a peek at this cool picture depicting where people feel the most intense area of pain. _ Where being Fascia, Muscle, or Subcutis. _ Fascia is in the middle and most intense, second is Subcutis on top, & last is the Muscle on the bottom. _ I won’t get into the details of the study.ย  The point is that the most sensitive area of pain perception lies… Read More

BACK AT IT! _ So, I took a little break from my favorite exercise!ย  The rear foot elevated split squat(RFESS)!ย  Seriously I knowโ€ฆ. _ But, yesterday I came back at it strong!ย  It felt so great to be back training this awesome movement.ย  Most of you know I love this movement. _ Yesterday I worked up to double 32kg(140.8lbs).ย  A 32kg in each hand, staying tall & staying strong.ย  It was great!… Read More

CRAWLING WELL = SQUATING WELL _ Did you know that having the ability to crawl well can & willย  increase your ability to squat well? _ Yup, working on ground based crawling in my experiences helps squatting better than any band assisted corrective drill. _ Other carry over effects=a better Over Head Press, a better Deadlift, & generally building a bullet proof torso, shoulders & hips! _ I generally set a timer… Read More

KETTLEBELL CRUSHER _ Day 3 of the KB Crusher program I am following had me performing Double Kettlebell OH Presses & Deadlifts! _ For the OH Presses I worked up to Double 32kg(140.8lbs) for a Ladder of 1,2,3. _ For Deadlifts I performed a solid set of 3 following each OH press ladder.ย  My last set seen here is 305lbs for 3.ย  This is super solid for me. _ My DL needs… Read More