Eric Gahan, MS, ATC, CSCS

Monthly Archives: December 2019

CRAWLING WELL = SQUATING WELL _ Did you know that having the ability to crawl well can & will  increase your ability to squat well? _ Yup, working on ground based crawling in my experiences helps squatting better than any band assisted corrective drill. _ Other carry over effects=a better Over Head Press, a better Deadlift, & generally building a bullet proof torso, shoulders & hips! _ I generally set a timer… Read More

KETTLEBELL CRUSHER _ Day 3 of the KB Crusher program I am following had me performing Double Kettlebell OH Presses & Deadlifts! _ For the OH Presses I worked up to Double 32kg(140.8lbs) for a Ladder of 1,2,3. _ For Deadlifts I performed a solid set of 3 following each OH press ladder.  My last set seen here is 305lbs for 3.  This is super solid for me. _ My DL needs… Read More