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TESTOSTERONE INCRESES MUSCLE MASS _ Post 2: Benefits of Optimized Testosterone: Increases in Muscle Mass _ I couldn’t say it any better so….direct quote from TOT Bible: Testosterone improves muscle protein synthesis & therefore leads to more muscle growth. _ The Testosterone molecule is the foundation of muscle, strength, & the source of what makes men powerful. (source: The TOT Bible) _ As men get older our ability to produce testosterone, then… Read More

Movement Cues and Facilitation _ Fun weekend with @stumanjico and @rocktape learning about RockPods and RockFloss. 😀 _ I will definitely be using these two tools more in he future.👍🏻 _ One aspect I loved about this weekend was that it was NOT all about using the pods and floss for fascial manipulation and passive treatments. _ The weekend was also 👉🏻strongly👈🏻focused on 👉🏻movement👈🏻 with the tools. Movement is the key to… Read More

TESTOSTERONE DECREASES BODY FAT _ Post 1: Benefits of Optimized Testosterone:  Decreases in Body Fat _ Testosterone is essential in the regulation of: -Insulin -Glucose -Fat Storage _ As men get older our ability to process insulin, glucose & fat goes down.  This all leads to an increase in body fat! (source: The TOT Bible) _ If your blood markers are showing insulin sensitivity, decreased ability to regulate glucose & you have… Read More

CHEST & CORE! Burn out the chest & hit your core with this simple tweak to a classic! _ The Chest Press with a single kettlebell is a staple in my training circuits. The simple act of being on a bench with feet on the end of the bench, chest pressing a kettlebell can yield tremendous results. _ This movements will hit your core, triceps, & chest. It also really targets the… Read More

STRESS MANAGAMENT TO OPTIMIZE TESTOSTERONE _ STRESS is huge and the key to helping optimize your hormones & specifically for guys…your testosterone. _ Here are my top 5 elements to managing stress to help optimize your testosterone. _ Nutrition _ Eat well & eat nutrient dense foods. Also, take into account that if you are trying to lean out and gain muscle mass, you have to create a calorie deficient that will… Read More