Episode 12: Building a Business is Like a Baking Layer CakeScaling your business is like baking a layer cake. 🍰

You start with your foundation, and it looks delicious.

You wanted to bake a cake, and guess what? You did!

As you build more layers, you have to bring in more support. Icing, interior scaffolding, fondant (yeah, I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Cake Boss) to keep the layers from sliding or breaking.

As your business grows beyond that first successful layer, you need to call in more support.

You can’t expect to run a $1,000,000+ business the same way you run a $100,000 business.

They’re totally different cakes.

The flavors, toppings, and colors you use are completely up to you, but I’ve got a tried and true recipe for you to use. 📝

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Episode 11: But, just produce more CONTENT!

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Episode 11: But, just produce more CONTENT!

I hear this all the time, or I hear…What is the best kind of content to be writing?

Let me share 2 simple tips for content…1st know who you’re talking to! 

If you have not done the work to dial in your ideal client.  You will be just spewing out jargon to the unheard ear!

Dial it in…Many times in the coaching world our ideal client is a past version of ourselves.  It might actually be us…3-5 years ago.

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Relentless Persistence

Persistence: firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

How did I develop my PERSISTENCE?

How can you develop YOUR PERSISTENCE?

Listen TODAY for my simple 4 Step Framework to build persistence!

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Get EMPOWERED by the latest new episode of the EmpowerU Radio Show

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Episode 10: Be an Innovator!

So many times in my life I have found myself outside the normal.  

Outside the trend of what people are currently doing…what is considered the normal level of service or practice and even living.

I almost always found myself doing this because I found that… 

What I was currently doing was not working WELL enough for me & the people I serve…It may have been working well enough for some…for some to have mediocre results & success.  

But…I AM NOT MEDIOCRE to mediocre was never ever enough. 

If I was getting average or mediocre results…I looked for MORE, I looked for NEW ways, I looked for BETTER ways!

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Episode 7: The POWER of Alignment! Is NOW LIVE!

Are you struggling to find the right answers to build your business?

Are you feeling alone & on an island when running & building your business?

The POWER of Alignment with like minded individuals is a time tested method of building a thriving business of your dreams!

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Online Wellness entrepreneurs are famous for bending their boundaries to make a sale.

(Want to learn how to tighten up those boundaries and charge smarter? EmpowerU Business Academy is enrolling now.)

Have you fallen into this trap?

You have your offers laid out neatly on your website.

You’ve got them proudly displayed on your sales pages.

You’ve linked to them in your marketing copy and they are easily accessed by the link in your Instagram bio.

And then someone contacts you and asks you for something that falls outside of these carefully drawn lines.

That person is waving money at you.

But they’re not your ideal client.

Or they’re asking you for an in-person service when you’re strictly online.

Or they’re asking for a 1:1 rate when you are offering a group.

It’s HARD to say no to money waving in your face– especially if you’re feeling the squeeze on your bills that month.

So, if you’re like most online wellness entrepreneurs, you will bend to get a sale.

You will invent pricing, promise things you’ll regret, and serve people who aren’t aligned with your vision.

One online nutrition practitioner we know actually invented a scholarship on a sales call just to make a sale at half her rate.

This is the desperation and panic of online service providers, and almost all of us go through this phase on our way to our successful, aligned businesses.

  • Do you struggle to price your services?
  • Are you confused about how to create and define your offers?
  • Do you choke on your words when you present your pricing to prospective clients?
  • Do you feel like you’re doing WAY more work than you agreed to do?
  • Do you flex your pricing and offers based on what fits for your clients, instead of having a service list with set-in-stone prices?

This sh*t is not easy, and it’s not always intuitive.

In EmpowerU Business Academy, we help you create badass offers and price them in a way that sells and appropriately reflects your time and talents.

As an online wellness provider, you ARE your product.

When you negotiate your time, resources, and pricing, you are really negotiating your own value.

You’re telling yourself, “I don’t deserve the price I’m charging.”

You’re giving into those limiting beliefs that tell you, “You should just take the money and feel lucky that someone will actually pay you to do this.”

That mindset keeps you stuck.

EmpowerU Business Academy is a 12-week group business coaching program to help online wellness entrepreneurs 2-5x their monthly revenue by taking their business online, crushing their limiting beliefs, maximizing their technical operations, and selling on social.

We spend 12 weeks teaching you everything you need to know to get your offers, marketing, and backend in line.

And we use the Law of Attraction and other spiritual principles to help you get out of your own damn way so your business can finally be the success you expected.

Do you want to finally launch the rockets on your business and be the Empowered Entrepreneur you know you can be?

From our aligned offer stack to yours,

Eric + Artemis

P.S. EBA is our most popular and successful business and mindset training program– and for good reason. The results our clients see are next level. Sign up now.

Would you walk up to someone in a public space and say:

“Nice to meet you, now buy my product”?

I’m sure you’ve been cold-pitched on Instagram.

Where there are wellness entrepreneurs, there are get-rich-quick schemers trying to get you to sell their latest bottle of snake oil.

And there’s no freaking preamble!

It’s literally just: 

“Hey, I think you would like this product. It will change your life.”

I’m sorry.

How can you tell me your product is going to change my life when you have zero idea what my life is like?

This theme has been coming up in so many places. We’ve heard it from our clients, in enrollment calls, with our colleagues, with Artemis’s mastermind group… It seems everyone is experiencing the same thing.

Even Chris Harder was talking about it on his podcast a couple of weeks ago.

(If you’ve been around us these days, you know that Chris and Lori Harder are major inspirations to us, so when they speak, we listen.)

It seems like two things are happening:

  1. More and more people are starting online businesses. With more entrepreneurs in the online space, customers are being more selective about who they work with and buy from. 
  2. Business owners are skipping steps in their sales process and expecting immediate results.

Let’s recap what we teach all day every day:

Selling is:

  • Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Nurturing
  • Sales Opportunity
  • Delivery
  • Referrals

People are not spending enough time from awareness to nurturing.

Instead, people are saying, “Hi, nice to meet you. Now buy my thing.” 

“Hi, nice to meet you.” 

Eggplant. 🍆

Starting in 2012, Artemis spent over 18 months writing her blog, bringing awareness, generating leads, and nurturing leads before she got her first online client.

18 months.

Most people would have given up, but Artemis was dedicated to the practice, and the relationships she built during that time continue to serve her and our business 10 years later.

Online marketing right now is so focused on the micro (followers, likes, shares, comments) that wellness entrepreneurs are really missing the macro:




In our business coaching programs, we teach our students to spend more time posting engaging and real content, sharing free information, and then nurturing the leads that come to you based upon where they are at.

You’ll find: 

  • Strollers and window shoppers (these leads are pretty cold)
  • Power Walkers (getting warmer)
  • and Sprinters (get these folks to a sales page stat!)

Each person needs to be nurtured. Cold leads warm up.. 

Warm leads also cool down if they’re misunderstood or pitched too aggressively.

Your ideal client needs a minimum of 8-12 touch points with you before they are ready to buy.

As a wellness practitioner, you have to show your audience that you know your stuff, but you also have to show them who you are.

Why should they trust you?

Do you seem like someone they can be vulnerable with?

If you want to turn your audience into clients, you need to make sure they are seeing your high-value content, reading your emails, watching you on IGTV, etc.

They need to get to know you.

And once they know you, get some consent before you pitch your offers 🍆.

Don’t miss out on your spot in the 12-Week EmpowerU Business Academy, our most popular program for online wellness entrepreneurs, where we will teach you how to set up attractive offers and sell on social without the sleaze.

Sending you waves and hearts instead of anything weird,

Eric + Artemis

P.S. Today, we are announcing a free webinar called The Passive Income Masterclass. We’re going to teach you how to turn your business income into more income by creating digital courses, DIYs, lead magnets, and evergreen offers. You don’t want to miss this! Register now.

[In today’s blog, we are giving you a really great coffee shop analogy to help you make your business stand out online. If you don’t have time to read it all, we want you to at least know this:

EmpowerU Business Academy, our best-selling 12-week training program for service-based online entrepreneurs, is enrolling now. Check out more info here.

Back to the show…]

One of the biggest concerns service-based entrepreneurs have when they take their businesses online is:

How am I going to stand out from every other provider here?


It’s a fair question, and we’re glad you asked.

Back in brick-and-mortar-land, your competition was largely geographically-based.

You open a coffee shop, and your competition is all the other coffee shops in the neighborhood.

You’re all gunning to caffeinate your neighbors.

So how will you stand out and attract the customers you want?

You make your coffee shop different.

Let’s say your coffee shop will have a bookstore in it. (Or live music. Or cats, because there truly is a market for everything!).

Maybe the coffee shop down the road is known for their extra special, roasted-on-site coffee beans.

Cool. That’s their thing.

And then the coffee shop across the street has a patio out back and they have a liquor license so they turn into a wine bar after dark.

Cool. That’s their thing.

It’s not your job as the new coffee shop to have roasted-on-site coffee, a patio, a wine bar, AND a bookstore.

It’s your job to have a really f*cking great bookstore in your coffee shop.

It’s your job to make sure your community members know they can get a great cup of coffee AND have the coziest time choosing their next read.

It’s your job to create an environment in your coffee shop that makes customers want to sit down and enjoy their book while they enjoy their coffee.

It’s your job to meet their needs and make the space so comfortable and the book selection so well-curated that they come back the next day for another coffee and a second book.

It’s the same in your online business.

Yes, there is a lot of competition online. There are a lot of people offering the same service that you are offering.

But there is no one else who can offer it the way you do.

There is no match for how you will make your audience, prospects, and clients feel.

It’s not your job to pretend to be like everyone else and do whatever they’re doing.

It’s your job to show up authentically as yourself and create something unique and irresistible.

Take us as an example.

Are we the first people to offer online business coaching?

Hell no.

But we know that we’re different from most coaches out there.

What makes us different?

  • We take a mentorship approach to coaching. Your goals are our goals.
  • We have decades of experience in entrepreneurship.
  • We have owned brick-and-mortar businesses, hosted in-person service at our home, and run two very successful online businesses.
  • We are a duo. When you work with EmpowerU, you get the magic of two coaches for the price of one.
  • We teach spiritual strategy, grounded in practical business principles. So we teach you how to turn your soul’s purpose into a burnout-proof aligned business.
  • We practice what we preach and have hired our own coaches to help us transition through every major business leap.

In EmpowerU Business Academy, we are your spotters, motivators, educators, and mindset-shifters.

Learn more now.

We provide unmatched support that speaks your language, caters to your clientele, and stems from YEARS of practice, knowledge, and experience.

As an EBA student, you will get:

  • 1 ZOOM group coaching call per week dedicated to teaching the weekly course content and Q&A.
  • 2 expert coaches, Artemis and Eric, and their combined 20-years of experience in business leadership.
  • A pre-program orientation kick-off call.
  • Weekly course modules on our Kajabi platform.
  • Unlimited Private Facebook Group support between coaching calls.
  • Group mentorship on weekly coaching calls and in Private Facebook Group.
  • A community of support from like-minded conscious entrepreneurs.
  • Expert guest coaches.
  • Access to the EBA resource library full of the tools that have helped us build a multiple 6-figure business.
  • Access to the EmpowerU annual Live Event in sunny Las Vegas!
  • Access to the Empowered Entrepreneur weekly community call

Are you ready to define yourself and stand out in your online business?

We would love to have you.

Sign Up Now.

Doing it differently,

Eric + Artemis

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