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❗️NEW NEW NEW❗️ All new episodes of the @empoweru_radioshow have dropped! Join me for Season 2! EmpowerU Radio exposes you to the evidence based truth with balanced holistic business and life coaching behind all things Leadership, Mindset, Health, Nutrition and Energy Balance. Your host Eric Gahan is a holistic business and life coach with 20 years experience. Join Eric as he EmpowersU through Education and Mindset! EmpowerU Radio Show airs fresh material(content)… Read More

Online Wellness entrepreneurs are famous for bending their boundaries to make a sale. (Want to learn how to tighten up those boundaries and charge smarter? EmpowerU Business Academy is enrolling now.) Have you fallen into this trap? You have your offers laid out neatly on your website. You’ve got them proudly displayed on your sales pages. You’ve linked to them in your marketing copy and they are easily accessed by the link… Read More

Would you walk up to someone in a public space and say: “Nice to meet you, now buy my product”? I’m sure you’ve been cold-pitched on Instagram. Where there are wellness entrepreneurs, there are get-rich-quick schemers trying to get you to sell their latest bottle of snake oil. And there’s no freaking preamble! It’s literally just:  “Hey, I think you would like this product. It will change your life.” I’m sorry. How… Read More

[In today’s blog, we are giving you a really great coffee shop analogy to help you make your business stand out online. If you don’t have time to read it all, we want you to at least know this: EmpowerU Business Academy, our best-selling 12-week training program for service-based online entrepreneurs, is enrolling now. Check out more info here. Back to the show…] One of the biggest concerns service-based entrepreneurs have when… Read More

EmpowerU Business Academy is officially open for registration! Oh my goodness, we don’t even know how to convey how excited we are to open this program to you. We have been chomping at the bit since we last ran EBA in the spring because it is so incredible to be in support and witness of such incredible transformations in our clients. We’ve had to do some self-coaching to remind ourselves to stick… Read More

We just got home from our 2-week stay on the Big Island in Hawaii. You’ve heard us ramping up for this trip for months. Spending four weeks each year in Hawaii is part of the “why” behind our business. After feeling chained to our brick and mortar gym for years and trading time for money as in-person fitness coaches, the freedom of an online business almost felt wrong. We were going against… Read More