Monthly Archives: July 2021

Feelings follow imagery: A story about pancakes. 🥞 **SCROLL DOWN** We were talking about visualization in the Make the Monies Mastermind orientation call last week. (You’re still welcome to join 😀) Visualizing your ideal life and business can feel a little abstract.  I find visualization easier when I can think of an OBJECT. Right now, my resonant object happens to be a pancake. 🥞 I’ve been tired lately. I’m a little worn down.  We’ve been running… Read More

Where is fear holding you back? What are you NOT doing in your business because you are afraid? Afraid that it: ✅ Won’t work out. ✅ Will be too hard. ✅ Will cost too much. Here’s a reframe. What if it: ✅ Does work out? ✅ Is worth the effort? ✅ Brings you 10x your investment? Your business (and your life) will stay exactly where it is unless you push past your fear zone. LIFE happens outside of… Read More

It is okay to not be the best at everything. As you walk the path of entrepreneurship and build up your business, you will learn that certain areas of your business don’t light you up. And that is okay. That is a GOOD thing. 🔥 You shouldn’t love to do everything. It’s nearly impossible. And when you try to do it all, despite not being at your best, you’ll soon hit burnout…. Read More