Episode 12: Building a Business is Like a Baking Layer Cake

Episode 12: Building a Business is Like a Baking Layer CakeScaling your business is like baking a layer cake. 🍰

You start with your foundation, and it looks delicious.

You wanted to bake a cake, and guess what? You did!

As you build more layers, you have to bring in more support. Icing, interior scaffolding, fondant (yeah, I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Cake Boss) to keep the layers from sliding or breaking.

As your business grows beyond that first successful layer, you need to call in more support.

You can’t expect to run a $1,000,000+ business the same way you run a $100,000 business.

They’re totally different cakes.

The flavors, toppings, and colors you use are completely up to you, but I’ve got a tried and true recipe for you to use. 📝

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