Monthly Archives: January 2015

This is a blog I wrote last year but I wanted to share on this site! ย Enjoy! I designed a training session, which involves the Get-Up (GU) and the One Handed Swing (1H Swing). ย I designed this session to help clients gain a better understanding of the Get Up. ย I found myself revisiting the same corrections each week with each client; therefore I designed this easy but not simple session to work… Read More

In my last post Burn and the Bloat: Part 1, I outlined some the the reasons for my venture into functional medicine. ย Please be sure to go back and visit Part 1 if you are new to this blog series. Well, the results are in from my testing and it was surprising on some aspects, but not so surprising on others. ย A few things were discovered from finding a new healthcare provider… Read More

Putting out the burn and deflating the bloat! In this part one of a series of blog posts I am going to outline some of my personal stomach and gastrointestinal tract (GI) issues. ย The course of treatment and the results they are having in my life from day to day, week to week, month to month. ย This series of blog posts is to demonstrate a more functional method of treating some conditions… Read More