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1H SWINGS & SIDE PLANKS _ Yesterday I posted about 2H Swings & Planks. _ Todayโ€™s special sauce is 1H Swings & Side Planks!ย  Again, So simple & So effective! _ Set a timer: 15s Swing(5R;L)/ 15s transition/ 15s Side Plank Repeats/15s transitionโ€ฆREPEATโ€ฆREPEATโ€ฆREPEAT! Just remember to alternate R&L with the side plank. _ I did this for 20 rounds with a 24kg #kettlebell. _ I working to build a better 1H Swingโ€ฆI… Read More

SWING & PLANKS _ So simple & So effective! _ Set a timer: 15s Swing/ 15s transition/ 15s High to Low Plank Repeats/15s transitionโ€ฆREPEATโ€ฆREPEATโ€ฆREPEAT! _ Yesterday, I did this for 20 rounds with a 30kg #kettlebell. _ So Simple, so effective! _ Give it a shotโ€ฆLet me know how it goes! _ #ericgahan #muscle #strengthtraining #rehabilitation #menshealth #testosterone #hormones #strong #fit #fitness #circuit #fatloss #kettlebells

KETTLEBELL CRUSHER: Lets Train Together! _ To close out this awesome 2019 year, I am going to be following our signature KETTLEBELL CRUSHER PROGRAM! _ I want any & everyone to follow the program with me! _ From now until 11/18/19 you can purchase the Kettlebell Crusher Program for 20% off! _ Use the code: KBCrusher20 _ Link HERE! _ The Kettlebell Crusher program is an 8-week program, that includes four 60-minute… Read More

Last 12 HOURS to Get into my Mens Group! _ Click HERE to get your spot! ย $1400.00 worth of coaching and training for $299.00 _ EMPOWER U MEN is DESGNED FOR HOME & TRAVEL! _ The #1 question I receive about my group coaching program is: “Can I stay on the program if I travel?” _ Absolutely.ย  You can.ย  The workouts are designed to be done anywhere, home, away, hotel gym! _… Read More