Today is the last day to apply for Make the Monies Mastermind.

Nobody likes the term “accountability buddy.”

It was a good idea, and it served its purpose 15 years ago, but now it’s kind of cringy, isn’t it?

It feels cringy because it’s superficial.

The image it conjures is two 50-something women in neon windbreakers pumping their arms as they powerwalk down the neighborhood sidewalk together.

They’ll walk every day. They’ll meet at the corner at 7:30 AM. They’ll pump each other up. They’ll pat themselves on the backs. They are… accountability buddies!

It lasts 3 days. Maybe. If they’re lucky.

And then one of them has a dentist appointment, so they skip that day.

The next day, one accidentally oversleeps, so the other just goes home.

The day after that, it’s raining, and their sweet windbreakers aren’t fit to get wet.

Slowly, it falls away, and they go back to their regular routines.

What was the problem with these buddies?

They each lacked the motivation and structure to hit their goals, so when they put their efforts together, they fell flat.

It was too easy to let each other off the hook.

What they needed more than an accountability buddy: A coach.

A third party with experience who could have guided them through, caught them in their excuses, and busted up their limiting beliefs.

Someone who could have customized a plan to achieve their true goals, and then offered support as they worked through the plan.

They still needed each other to make it fun, supportive, and understanding.

But they needed the coach to help them work through their blocks and bullsh*t and actually help them achieve their goal.

This is what we’re doing with Make the Monies Mastermind.

We’re taking you out of the free Facebook groups, business buddies, and work dates.

We’re getting you out of your side hustle, out of the cuteness of having your own business, and into your true role as CEO.

We’re using our experience to coach you, and giving you access to our proven Make the Monies machine to send you up and into multiple 6-figures THIS year.

We’re diving into your limiting beliefs about your success in money and business.

We’re doing the hard sh*t with you. 50% practical business principles. 50% spiritual strategy.

And we’re hooking you up with seriously aligned entrepreneurs so you have people to collaborate, celebrate, and connect with.

This is it.

Today is the day.

The last day.

The absolute last day to submit your application for Make the Monies Mastermind before we close up for the session.

If you get your application in today, we will make sure to touch base with you before the Mastermind starts next week.

>>> Apply Now.

Just in case you forgot, when you join the Make the Monies Mastermind, you get:

  • 6 months with a dedicated support team and access to our business strategy machine.
  • TWO coaches with decades of experience building successful online and brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • 4 x 90-minute 1:1 strategy coaching sessions with Artemis and/or Eric for deep clarity and custom guidance.
  • 12 x 2-hour group coaching calls (2x/month)
  • Access to expert guest coaches
  • A 2-day Live Event with meals included
  • Access to all 26+ EmpowerU Business Academy Modules
  • NEW trainings exclusive to the Mastermind
  • Support via Slack & Voxer
  • Group support from within the Mastermind

It’s a seriously immersive experience. You are going to become part of a community of entrepreneurs hellbent on inviting MORE abundance into their businesses and lives.

There is going to be So. Much. Ass. Kicked.

Are you ready to Make the Monies?

>>> Apply Now. It’s your last chance.

With love, abundance, and no-shade-for-windbreakers,

Artemis + Eric
Your EmpowerU Coaches

P.S. Investing in yourself and your business is an incredible way to break the generational cycle of limiting money beliefs and scarcity mindsets. You are worth it. We can show you. >>> Apply now.

Get your business to 6-figures by focusing on its leader.

Do you ever go to a baseball game, or a Broadway show, or a concert and think to yourself:

Damn. They look like they’re having a good time.

I wonder what it would be like to be up there with them.

And then you go back to your $16 popcorn and continue watching other people have an incredible time living their best lives?

Here’s why that experience is SO magnetic:

Those people are aligned as f*ck with their highest selves.

They have taken risks, done a buttload of work, and most importantly, made decisions to get to where they are.

It’s not just anyone up on that stage. It’s people who decided to follow their hearts, guts, and souls to live a life in alignment.

What you’re seeing up there is abundance in action.

Have you been sitting at home, scrolling through emails about Make the Monies Mastermind, and then going back to your popcorn?

Or maybe it’s not popcorn. Maybe it’s 3 pages of to-dos that aren’t moving your business forward, and a client calendar that overwhelms you.

We created Make the Monies Mastermind for you.

To get you out of your damn seat and into your power.

This 6-month group experience is going to take your business beyond 6-figures by focusing on its leader.

That’s you.

You’re a CEO. A boss. The one up on the stage.

The buck stops with you.

Look at your business right now.

Do you see how it will grow?
Can you handle growth?
Do you have the capacity to serve more clients?
What will you have to sacrifice in order to grow?

Our recommendation: Sacrifice the things that slow you down.

The tipping point between a $100K business and a multiple 6-figure business is a TEAM.

You can only do everything up to a certain point. Then you need to call in for backup.

We know that you hear that and register it as a bill payment.

“I need to hire a team, which is going to cost me money I don’t want to spend.”

Hear us out.

It’s going to cost you time. Or it’s going to cost you money.

There’s a limit on time.

Paying people to do the things that aren’t in your zone of genius…

…leaves you more time to be in your zone of genius.

Those 6 hours a month you spend trying to make sense of your finances, and making sure everyone who owes you money has paid you?

Those are 6 hours you could have:
Spent in your zone of genius coaching someone and making money
Gone for a walk to invest in your mental health.
Actually had a couple decent nights of sleep.
Read that personal development book that’s been on your shelf for 2 years.
Finalized your newest touchless coaching offer that will make you money in your sleep.

The bottom line is: Hiring a team will make you more money.

There are limits to income generation when you’re trading time for money.

There are only so many hours in a day.

Are you ready to step it up beyond the clock?

Are you ready to own your potential and flow into an aligned multiple 6-figure online fitness business?

Make the Monies is for you.

The doors close on Wednesday, and won’t reopen for at least another 6 months while we pour into the folks who are joining us.

>>> Apply Now for the Make the Monies Mastermind.

With love, alignment, and a full 8-hours of sleep every night,

Artemis + Eric
Your EmpowerU Coaches

P.S. Is it time for you to join the show? This is the training you need to blow yourself away. >>> Apply now.


Good people know good people. 

Good people care about good things.

Good people help other people.

When good people have good money, they can augment their influence and ability to help others.

There’s this idea that “money is the root of all evil,” and it’s BS.

Money will expand your intentions.

If you have good intentions, you will expand your good actions.

If you have evil intentions, money just may expand evil actions.

I am so blessed to work with and coach such remarkable human beings who have a huge purpose in this lifetime. 🔥

They may be from different industries, life paths and backgrounds, but one thing is for sure:They are all good people. And they’re going to make a lot of money. 🔥

And in the words of Chris Harder, when they make it, they will do great, great things. 🌎

👉🏻 Ready to make swimming pools of cash and do AMAZING things with it?

Join us for our Masterclass TODAY where we’re teaching you our strategy for $15K in less than 15 Days with the EMPOWERU HIGH TICKET LEAD GENERATION & NURTURING METHOD. ✨


Welcome to Make the Monies, Georgia Fischer! 🔥

Georgia is a prime example of a client I LOVE to work with. 🏆 

👉🏻 Georgia is a former athletic trainer and current strength/ nutrition/ awesomeness coach. 


She has a BURNING desire to help people and get them pain-free. 🤝

She even created her own acronym! 👉🏻 “Go from R.I.C.E. to F.R.E.E.” 🔥



-Efficient Plan

-Elevated Strength 

Since day one, she has been involved in ALL coaching opportunities we’ve had available and is always looking for feedback on her performance. 🤝

She achieves one goal, then looks for another. 🔥

She understands that success is about forward motion, not perfection. 📈

She is open, honest, and has a growing, thriving business because she lets US help HER. 🤝

She signs up, does the work, and reaps the rewards. 🔥

Georgia applied for Make the Monies Mastermind and is going to level up her business AGAIN this year.

Are you ready to do the same?

The doors are open to apply now.



We are taking you through the steps clients like Georgia have learned to launch high ticket offers and attract aligned clients to their online businesses.

Do you want to get in on this leveling-up?

Join the Masterclass CLICK HERE 🤩

I was a case study in entrepreneurial burnout. 

Seriously. I should have been studied.

I was that person who kept running into the same wall over and over again, complaining about all the pain I was in from running into that wall, and then getting up the next day to continue running into that same damn wall.

I was exhausted. Depleted. Sick.

And Artemis and I had a business to run. We were deep in the thick of running our own gym, and one of its leaders (that would be me) was falling to pieces.

We thought we escaped the burnout of the split-shift, early morning grind of gym life when I took an Athletic Trainer position with Cirque du Soleil.

We closed the gym. We moved from Boston to Las Vegas. 

Read more about our big move.

Surprise, surprise… the burnout followed us to the desert.

As it turns out, you can’t just drop off your broken mindset like your winter coats at the Goodwill on your way out of town.

So we started changing our conversation.

We started looking at what was wrong with the fitness business model. And then the online fitness business model. And then the overall online business model.

We started diving in deep with online entrepreneurs who wanted to level up.

What do they all have in common?

Exchanging time for money, and then still coming up short on bills and low on fuel.

Not feeling aligned with the focus of your business, your clients, or your offers.

Believing that the money you’re making is “good enough” and that you shouldn’t risk what you have by wanting more.

F that.

We’re here to disrupt. We’re here to bust up a broken model that has been destined for the trash for a long time.

We are here to empower new and seasoned online entrepreneurs to step into their power, build a team of support, and become their own boss and CEO.

Join our FREE Masterclass on Tuesday June 23rd at 2:00 PM PDT 

>>>The EmpowerU High Ticket Lead Generation & Nurturing Method <<<

Your Strategy For $15k in Less than 15 Days!

We’re here to help you launch, grow, and scale your business offerings so you can do the work you set out to do: HELP PEOPLE.

Does that sound like a 25-hour-a-day job?

It’s not.

Does it sound like we’re giving you a ticket to the burnout we experienced?

No way.

Our clients’ businesses blow up. Not because they work more hours, but because they choose to burnout-proof their businesses.

  1. They invest in their teams.
  2. They invite abundant wealth to flow into their business.
  3. They burnout-proof their businesses by letting their aligned, highest selves run their businesses. Not the other way around.

Burnout-Proof Your Business in 6 Steps:

  1. Hire support

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Look at what you can take off your plate in your business and your life. Maybe you need an assistant, or an accountant. Or maybe you need a dog walker or a laundry service. Look at where you need support, and go get it.

  1. Build a team

There are no prizes given out for doing business alone. Determine your zone of genius, and build an aligned team around you who can activate their zones of genius to support your mission. Short version: Do more of what lights you up.

Join our FREE Masterclass on Tuesday June 23rd at 2:00 PM PDT>>>The EmpowerU High Ticket Lead Generation & Nurturing Method <<< Your Strategy For $15k in Less than 15 Days!

  1. Establish boundaries

Carve out time in your schedule for things that are not work. Make yoga dates with yourself. Schedule a day to sleep-in. Tell your team when you are going to be incommunicado, and then actually BE incommunicado. Set your alerts to stop dinging at a certain time every evening. Set a stop-working alarm for yourself.

  1. Determine your aligned offers and prices

Your offers need to align with the services you actually want to provide, and your prices have to reflect the energy, time, and genius that you put into those services. If you only offer one-on-one coaching because it’s the highest ticket option, you will quickly burn out. If you love coaching but don’t need to be high-touch to feel in flow, consider a group offer with coaching calls that help you connect.

Here’s what a burnout proof business owner sounds like on a sales call: 

“This is what I offer, and if you don’t want to pay this or want this offer, then you and I are not aligned, and that’s okay.” 

  1. Create a schedule that YOU want

Does your creativity peak in the evenings? Do you have your highest energy in the late mornings? Are you dragging yourself out of bed at 6 AM for coaching sessions despite knowing this isn’t where you shine? Burnout is around the corner. Set a schedule that works for you. Have a day every week without client calls so you can focus on the backend of your business. Take long lunches. Go for walks. Work when you want to work.

  1. Batch tasks by energy types to minimize task switching

Jumping from tab to tab in your brain is exhausting. If you’re in coaching mode, book 3 or 4 clients in a row. If you’re in client program development mode, write a whole bunch in one sitting. Responding to emails? Set aside an hour and get it all done. Doing everything at once will quickly leave you feeling like you’ve done nothing.

Burnout is TOO prevalent among entrepreneurs. We do not ALLOW our clients to end up where we were. 

Instead, we help our clients overcome limiting beliefs, establish boundaries, own their worth, and discover their uniquely aligned businesses so that they stay clear of burnout.

Put down the third coffee and let us help you free up time, get aligned, and re-energize. 

Are you ready to take your online wellness business well above the $100K mark? We’ve got you covered. 

Learn about Make the Monies Mastermind.

What you give, you get back.

In life, in relationships and especially, in your business.

You NEED to grow comfortable with investing in your business.

You tap into your abundance mindset when you begin investing money in your business.

New mantra: “Every dollar I spend on my business returns to me TENFOLD.” 🔥

The absolute best investment my wife Artemis Scantalides and I made was investing in business coaches.

They took us to the next level. 🔥

Looking back, if we had never signed those contracts, spent the money and invested the time, we would still be in the beginning stages of our business.

And that’s just the simple truth.

If you are looking for ways to grow, expand and blow up your business, you’re going to want to check out the Make the Monies Mastermind –>LINK HERE.

We have our doors open for applications right now! ⚡

Are you investing TIME or MONEY? 💰⏰

👉🏻 On Monday, I talked about the importance of investing in your business.

I said it is essential to invest money wisely into your business.

If you invest in alignment, you can expect a return of abundance.

If you’re not ready to invest money, you’re going to have to invest time.

You can pay for support, or you can do it yourself.

🔹 If it takes you 2 days each month to figure out your books and finances, you are losing 2 revenue-generating days every month.

🤓 You can hire an accountant to spend time in THEIR zone of genius doing it for you, while you spend those extra 2 days in YOUR zone of genius coaching your clients and making money.

🔹 If it takes you 2 months to build your website and landing pages, you are losing 2 revenue-generating months and delaying launching those rockets.

🖥️ You can hire a web designer to get your site up for you, and get your business off the ground sooner.

Next Tuesday, Artemis and I are hosting a FREE Masterclass called: How to Build Your DREAM Team. ✨

Do you want to learn how to effectively invest in your business so you can free up more time to make money in your zone of genius?

We can help. 🎉

We made ALL the mistakes so you don’t have to.

🔥 ✨ Snag your FREE seat in How to Build Your DREAM Team at the link HERE.

See you on June 8th at 2 PM PT!

Esteem vs. Self-Esteem 💭⚡

Here is how I break it down: 👇

Esteem ➝ A high respect and high regardSelf-Esteem ➝ How we see and treat ourselvesHigh Self-Esteem ➝ A high respect for ourselves and our self-worth; believing we deserve everything that our thoughts, minds, and bodies truly need to thrive.

High self-esteem and ego get clumped together, but they’re two very separate concepts.

✨ High self-esteem is believing you are worthy of awesome things.

🚫 Ego is believing you deserve all the credit for the creation of your awesomeness.

Your self-worth and amazingness do not stem from your own actions and achievements.

(Low vibe) 👎

If you give total credit to your higher power, universe, creator, you are totally in line with having self-esteem and having a high view of yourself.

(High vibe) 🙌

True self-esteem, self-worth, and alignment are found miles away from your achievements.

True self-esteem radiates outward to everyone you meet.

It’s a great cycle:

Treat yourself with high regard and respect. 🔃

  • Reflect that outward and treat everyone else with high regard and high respect. 🔃
  • You will feel great about yourself because of how you treat people. 🔃
  • You will feel worthy of high regard and respect. 🔃

And the cycle continues…

✨ We go DEEP in on this in our business and money coaching.You need to own, live, believe, and do EVERYTHING that connects with being paid your worth.

The money you attract helps you amplify your highest good, your greatness, your self-esteem, AND THEREFORE the esteem you have for others.

The cycle serves everyone! 🥳

Our bodies, minds, pay checks, and level of fulfillment all come from our internal sense of self-esteem.

So remember who you really are: a limitless, infinite being who came from an unbounded creator.

We are limitless and light. 🔥

When you practice this mindset, your high self-esteem will steer clear of ego and instead SERVE.

If you are called to work on your self-esteem and cultivate more abundance in your business, CLICK MY LINK HERE today. I offer free introductory calls for my life-changing 1:1 coaching programs. 🔥

Most entrepreneurs are missing this key 🔑 skill:

Laser focus. ⚡

You NEED to have a laser focus on your GOALS and your WHY.

Finding your WHY will infinitely fuel your motivation from within.

Finding it, though, requires doing the deep work. 

The soul searching. The meditating. The journalling.

This bit is inescapable in the process of becoming a successful, bad-ass entrepreneur. 🔥

But I promise it is invaluable and so very worth it.

Maybe you consider yourself a hungry, driven, and passionate entrepreneur.But where is your focus?🎯

If you have multiple side-hustles, plans, and targets, you may be delaying your own growth.

You need to get grounded in your soul purpose.

Choose actions that align with that purpose.

Shut everything else out.

👉🏻 You need to hone in on your WHY and have laser focus.


Once you’re committed, I can help you launch the rockets.

Or let me help you uncover your WHY so you can get started.

I am a money mindset coach with the bandwidth to take on a few more clients this month before we launch our group Mastermind.

👉🏻 Let me help you find your fire and zero in on your mission. #BurnTheBoats 🔥

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I am here to disrupt the traditional #AthleticTrainer career model. 🔥

If you are a recent graduate or an AT feeling unmotivated in your career, I have one thing to say to you today:

📲 It’s time to get your butt online.

I know, I know. It’s counterintuitive for a hands-on practitioner to work remotely.

But if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the future of health and wellness is virtual.

Trust me.

For 20+ years, I was an athletic trainer with my income potential capped by a set salary.

I held an esteemed position with Cirque du Soleil, a huge and famous organization, but I was barely scraping by.

I had to take on extra responsibilities in an already overloaded job to make ends meet.

I began feeling stuck because of the commitment to the schedule, clinical practice patterns, and lack of extra support.

My schedule became so inflexible that I started to resent my career choice.

I was exhausted, underpaid, and angry.

I just wanted to help people, but that didn’t feel like a good enough exchange for the way I was feeling.

So I made a shift.

I went online and created a new life for myself.

👉 One where I was able to make my own schedule, set my own rates, and be HAPPY.

I never thought I’d feel so fulfilled in my life.

I have the roadmap for getting you there too through my 1:1 business coaching for Athletic Trainers.

📲The new AT industry is online.

Get READY to step into your power and change your career. 🔥

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