Would you walk up to someone in a public space and say:

“Nice to meet you, now buy my product”?

I’m sure you’ve been cold-pitched on Instagram.

Where there are wellness entrepreneurs, there are get-rich-quick schemers trying to get you to sell their latest bottle of snake oil.

And there’s no freaking preamble!

It’s literally just: 

“Hey, I think you would like this product. It will change your life.”

I’m sorry.

How can you tell me your product is going to change my life when you have zero idea what my life is like?

This theme has been coming up in so many places. We’ve heard it from our clients, in enrollment calls, with our colleagues, with Artemis’s mastermind group… It seems everyone is experiencing the same thing.

Even Chris Harder was talking about it on his podcast a couple of weeks ago.

(If you’ve been around us these days, you know that Chris and Lori Harder are major inspirations to us, so when they speak, we listen.)

It seems like two things are happening:

  1. More and more people are starting online businesses. With more entrepreneurs in the online space, customers are being more selective about who they work with and buy from. 
  2. Business owners are skipping steps in their sales process and expecting immediate results.

Let’s recap what we teach all day every day:

Selling is:

  • Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Nurturing
  • Sales Opportunity
  • Delivery
  • Referrals

People are not spending enough time from awareness to nurturing.

Instead, people are saying, “Hi, nice to meet you. Now buy my thing.” 

“Hi, nice to meet you.” 

Eggplant. 🍆

Starting in 2012, Artemis spent over 18 months writing her blog, bringing awareness, generating leads, and nurturing leads before she got her first online client.

18 months.

Most people would have given up, but Artemis was dedicated to the practice, and the relationships she built during that time continue to serve her and our business 10 years later.

Online marketing right now is so focused on the micro (followers, likes, shares, comments) that wellness entrepreneurs are really missing the macro:




In our business coaching programs, we teach our students to spend more time posting engaging and real content, sharing free information, and then nurturing the leads that come to you based upon where they are at.

You’ll find: 

  • Strollers and window shoppers (these leads are pretty cold)
  • Power Walkers (getting warmer)
  • and Sprinters (get these folks to a sales page stat!)

Each person needs to be nurtured. Cold leads warm up.. 

Warm leads also cool down if they’re misunderstood or pitched too aggressively.

Your ideal client needs a minimum of 8-12 touch points with you before they are ready to buy.

As a wellness practitioner, you have to show your audience that you know your stuff, but you also have to show them who you are.

Why should they trust you?

Do you seem like someone they can be vulnerable with?

If you want to turn your audience into clients, you need to make sure they are seeing your high-value content, reading your emails, watching you on IGTV, etc.

They need to get to know you.

And once they know you, get some consent before you pitch your offers 🍆.

Don’t miss out on your spot in the 12-Week EmpowerU Business Academy, our most popular program for online wellness entrepreneurs, where we will teach you how to set up attractive offers and sell on social without the sleaze.

Sending you waves and hearts instead of anything weird,

Eric + Artemis

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[In today’s blog, we are giving you a really great coffee shop analogy to help you make your business stand out online. If you don’t have time to read it all, we want you to at least know this:

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Back to the show…]

One of the biggest concerns service-based entrepreneurs have when they take their businesses online is:

How am I going to stand out from every other provider here?


It’s a fair question, and we’re glad you asked.

Back in brick-and-mortar-land, your competition was largely geographically-based.

You open a coffee shop, and your competition is all the other coffee shops in the neighborhood.

You’re all gunning to caffeinate your neighbors.

So how will you stand out and attract the customers you want?

You make your coffee shop different.

Let’s say your coffee shop will have a bookstore in it. (Or live music. Or cats, because there truly is a market for everything!).

Maybe the coffee shop down the road is known for their extra special, roasted-on-site coffee beans.

Cool. That’s their thing.

And then the coffee shop across the street has a patio out back and they have a liquor license so they turn into a wine bar after dark.

Cool. That’s their thing.

It’s not your job as the new coffee shop to have roasted-on-site coffee, a patio, a wine bar, AND a bookstore.

It’s your job to have a really f*cking great bookstore in your coffee shop.

It’s your job to make sure your community members know they can get a great cup of coffee AND have the coziest time choosing their next read.

It’s your job to create an environment in your coffee shop that makes customers want to sit down and enjoy their book while they enjoy their coffee.

It’s your job to meet their needs and make the space so comfortable and the book selection so well-curated that they come back the next day for another coffee and a second book.

It’s the same in your online business.

Yes, there is a lot of competition online. There are a lot of people offering the same service that you are offering.

But there is no one else who can offer it the way you do.

There is no match for how you will make your audience, prospects, and clients feel.

It’s not your job to pretend to be like everyone else and do whatever they’re doing.

It’s your job to show up authentically as yourself and create something unique and irresistible.

Take us as an example.

Are we the first people to offer online business coaching?

Hell no.

But we know that we’re different from most coaches out there.

What makes us different?

  • We take a mentorship approach to coaching. Your goals are our goals.
  • We have decades of experience in entrepreneurship.
  • We have owned brick-and-mortar businesses, hosted in-person service at our home, and run two very successful online businesses.
  • We are a duo. When you work with EmpowerU, you get the magic of two coaches for the price of one.
  • We teach spiritual strategy, grounded in practical business principles. So we teach you how to turn your soul’s purpose into a burnout-proof aligned business.
  • We practice what we preach and have hired our own coaches to help us transition through every major business leap.

In EmpowerU Business Academy, we are your spotters, motivators, educators, and mindset-shifters.

Learn more now.

We provide unmatched support that speaks your language, caters to your clientele, and stems from YEARS of practice, knowledge, and experience.

As an EBA student, you will get:

  • 1 ZOOM group coaching call per week dedicated to teaching the weekly course content and Q&A.
  • 2 expert coaches, Artemis and Eric, and their combined 20-years of experience in business leadership.
  • A pre-program orientation kick-off call.
  • Weekly course modules on our Kajabi platform.
  • Unlimited Private Facebook Group support between coaching calls.
  • Group mentorship on weekly coaching calls and in Private Facebook Group.
  • A community of support from like-minded conscious entrepreneurs.
  • Expert guest coaches.
  • Access to the EBA resource library full of the tools that have helped us build a multiple 6-figure business.
  • Access to the EmpowerU annual Live Event in sunny Las Vegas!
  • Access to the Empowered Entrepreneur weekly community call

Are you ready to define yourself and stand out in your online business?

We would love to have you.

Sign Up Now.

Doing it differently,

Eric + Artemis

EmpowerU Business Academy is officially open for registration!

Oh my goodness, we don’t even know how to convey how excited we are to open this program to you.

We have been chomping at the bit since we last ran EBA in the spring because it is so incredible to be in support and witness of such incredible transformations in our clients.

We’ve had to do some self-coaching to remind ourselves to stick with our annual plan of opening the doors in August because we just want to release this to you again!

Today, we are heading back from our 2-week vacation to the Big Island in Hawaii and we are bringing back all our restful, inspired energy to infuse directly into this session of EBA.

If you haven’t already figured it out by our excitement, EBA is our best-selling program.

It is a 12-week group coaching program for service-based entrepreneurs who want to kick their businesses into high gear.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our decades of entrepreneurship and boiled it down to a step-by-step program to help you 2-5x your monthly revenue.

Okay okay okay let’s hold on a second, because we recognize that the statement above sounds too simplistic.

There’s this trend that’s happening online lately:

A service provider has a great launch.

They make a bunch of money.

They become a business coach.

It’s wild.

You’ve probably seen 100 online coaches promise you 5-figure months, without ever consistently being there themselves.

These coaches will help you get that first $10K month, and teach you nothing about how to sustain it.

The way they teach it, that $10K month will take 3 months of prep and 3 months of service, so it’s actually more like a series of $1500-$2000 months.

Big promises.

Low delivery.

Here’s where we’re different:

  • We’ve done it. We’ve opened and scaled brick-and-mortar and online businesses.
  • We’ve closed businesses and cancelled launches that weren’t aligned with our values.
  • We have burned the F out, and our charred, crispy asses have been hosed down and rebuilt.
  • We’ve become masters of the pivot, investing in the right coaches and mentors to help us respond to changes in our business and the markets.
  • We actually have a multiple 6-figure business with a team of people supporting us.

We have seen it all. Truly.

EBA is our most successful, guaranteed-to-sell-out-every-time program because it get results.

We’re not looking to just help you have a $10K month. 

(Though we freaking LOVE a $10K month.)

We’re looking to help set you up for long-term success in your business.

No gimmicks or schemes.

Actual, sustainable, soul-driven success.

We do it by teaching you the foundational business principles you were never taught when you were training in your field.

And then we augment the foundations by teaching you deep spiritual strategy to help you keep your business in alignment with your highest self.

All that to say:

We teach you everything you need to know, and how to get out of your own damn way.

It’s different.

We’re different.

If you are ready to jump in and finally launch the rockets on your business, we’re your coaches.


Making space for you to get out of your own way,

Eric + Artemis (AKA your new coaches)

P.S. EBA will sell out. It always does. So if you’re ready to roll, don’t hesitate. Register now.

We just got home from our 2-week stay on the Big Island in Hawaii.

You’ve heard us ramping up for this trip for months.

Spending four weeks each year in Hawaii is part of the “why” behind our business.

After feeling chained to our brick and mortar gym for years and trading time for money as in-person fitness coaches, the freedom of an online business almost felt wrong.

We were going against everything we were taught about traditional business.

The first time we went on a big vacation, we kind of felt like we were breaking the rules.

And then?

We fell in love with breaking the rules, so we kept breaking them.

We gave the rules the finger and started to do things our way.

  • We ditched the 9-5 mentality and exchanged it for boundaries.
  • We ditched hustle culture and exchanged it for alignment.
  • We ditched the martyr solopreneur model and exchanged it for a highly supportive team.

And because we made those decisions, we get to run our business our way.

Which, this year, meant traveling to Hawaii for 2 weeks, renting an incredible oceanside home, hiking our asses off every day, enjoying a sunset cocktail, and then checking in with our team back home.

We got to vacation on our terms.

Work when we want to work, rest when we want to rest, unplug when we want to unplug.

Now we want to be very honest and clear:

This life didn’t just happen.

We consciously manifested every moment of this lifestyle.

We each did deep mindset work to feel deserving of these breaks.

(And we continue to do the work so we don’t slip back into old patterns.)

We play with the magic of the universe by inviting abundance, and it plays back by leaving coins all over the island for us to find and collect.

We strategically planned with our team and made sure everyone knew what was expected of them while we were away.

And the business kept humming.

Social media posts were posted, a launch was planned, sales were made, clients were supported.

And we were on Island Time.

We strongly believe in this version of entrepreneurship.

The version where you are able to set your own boundaries and hold yourself to them.

We teach this to our clients in all of our programs, but especially in EmpowerU Business Academy.

EBA students often come to us burnt-out and crispy.

These are online service-based entrepreneurs who have been posting the posts, writing the emails, trying to make the sales, but their effort is not being rewarded.

So they double down on the strategies that don’t work.

We help them overhaul their business with practical principles AND spiritual strategy.

Then, as they rebuild their businesses, they are building something that they actually want to run.

And man. Do we love running our business this way.

We think you will too.

Thanks for being a part of our dream life!

In alignment,

Eric + Artemis

P.S. If you want to get in on this kind of magic, we would love to teach you. EmpowerU Business Academy is enrolling now. Check out more info here.

Feelings follow imagery: A story about pancakes. 🥞 **SCROLL DOWN**

We were talking about visualization in the Make the Monies Mastermind orientation call last week.

(You’re still welcome to join 😀)

Visualizing your ideal life and business can feel a little abstract. 

I find visualization easier when I can think of an OBJECT.

Right now, my resonant object happens to be a pancake. 🥞

I’ve been tired lately. I’m a little worn down. 

We’ve been running a launch and I’ve been chomping at the bit to just GET to the thing and start getting messy with our new Mastermind group.

Entrepreneurs know what I mean.

When I’m tired and worn down, my brain lets more negative thoughts slip through.

So here’s what I’ve been trying:

When I get that negative thought, I flip the pancake. 🙃 🥞

I flip the negative and immediately think about the reverse.

I say the opposite.

❌ Negative thought: “I spent all day catching up and had no time for what I actually wanted to do.”🥞 

Pancake thought: “I spent all day catching up so tomorrow I’ll have lots of time to do what I want to do.”It works. It’s nice. It helps.

And I know it sounds overly simplistic. Maybe even dismissive.

But the negative thought is just a thought. Thoughts are not facts. But our bodies and brains believe the thoughts. 🧠

So you can flip it to a different thought. Make your body and brain believe the positive one instead.

Don’t push the negative out. Flip the perspective. ✨

Don’t fight it. Just flip it.It takes practice, but it sure makes for a better day.And better days add up to better weeks, months, years, and LIVES.

Hope you’re enjoying a great pancake breakfast this morning! 🇺🇸 🥞

Where is fear holding you back?

What are you NOT doing in your business because you are afraid?

Afraid that it:

✅ Won’t work out.

✅ Will be too hard.

✅ Will cost too much.

Here’s a reframe.

What if it:

✅ Does work out?

✅ Is worth the effort?

✅ Brings you 10x your investment?

Your business (and your life) will stay exactly where it is unless you push past your fear zone.

LIFE happens outside of your fear zone.

Comfort is fine.

It’s safe.

It’s easy.

But CHANGE happens on the other side of fear.

What are you not doing right now?

What is holding you back from explosive growth?

What tools do you need to level up?

It will never get EASIER.

It will only become more URGENT.

Are you ready to push past the fear?

💥Are you ready to say 🖕🏻 to fear?

🌟 CLICK HERE to Apply to work with me! Let’s Get Started TODAY!

It is okay to not be the best at everything.

As you walk the path of entrepreneurship and build up your business, you will learn that certain areas of your business don’t light you up.

And that is okay.

That is a GOOD thing. 🔥

You shouldn’t love to do everything. It’s nearly impossible.

And when you try to do it all, despite not being at your best, you’ll soon hit burnout. ❌

Instead, you have certain things that start a fire in you. Call it your zone of genius. 

It is crucial to stay in your zone of genius as often as possible. 💭🔥

And when it is time to go bigger, you scale your business and pay an expert to do the things that don’t light you up. 💡

That way, you spend more time doing what you LOVE. ❤️

Whether it’s connecting with clients, creating mastermind courses or creating marketing content, you need to do what you love. ❗

☝️ Building a team so you can stay in your zone of genius is the #1 way to scale your business over $100K. 

This is what I teach in my one on one coaching.

How to truly step into your role as a CEO. (Psst… a CEO doesn’t do sh*t they don’t want to do!)

Are you ready to LOVE what you do, get PAID to do it, and have a life left to live at the end of the workday?

Apply NOW CLICK HERE and YOU can get started NOW! 🔥

Today is the last day to apply for Make the Monies Mastermind.

Nobody likes the term “accountability buddy.”

It was a good idea, and it served its purpose 15 years ago, but now it’s kind of cringy, isn’t it?

It feels cringy because it’s superficial.

The image it conjures is two 50-something women in neon windbreakers pumping their arms as they powerwalk down the neighborhood sidewalk together.

They’ll walk every day. They’ll meet at the corner at 7:30 AM. They’ll pump each other up. They’ll pat themselves on the backs. They are… accountability buddies!

It lasts 3 days. Maybe. If they’re lucky.

And then one of them has a dentist appointment, so they skip that day.

The next day, one accidentally oversleeps, so the other just goes home.

The day after that, it’s raining, and their sweet windbreakers aren’t fit to get wet.

Slowly, it falls away, and they go back to their regular routines.

What was the problem with these buddies?

They each lacked the motivation and structure to hit their goals, so when they put their efforts together, they fell flat.

It was too easy to let each other off the hook.

What they needed more than an accountability buddy: A coach.

A third party with experience who could have guided them through, caught them in their excuses, and busted up their limiting beliefs.

Someone who could have customized a plan to achieve their true goals, and then offered support as they worked through the plan.

They still needed each other to make it fun, supportive, and understanding.

But they needed the coach to help them work through their blocks and bullsh*t and actually help them achieve their goal.

This is what we’re doing with Make the Monies Mastermind.

We’re taking you out of the free Facebook groups, business buddies, and work dates.

We’re getting you out of your side hustle, out of the cuteness of having your own business, and into your true role as CEO.

We’re using our experience to coach you, and giving you access to our proven Make the Monies machine to send you up and into multiple 6-figures THIS year.

We’re diving into your limiting beliefs about your success in money and business.

We’re doing the hard sh*t with you. 50% practical business principles. 50% spiritual strategy.

And we’re hooking you up with seriously aligned entrepreneurs so you have people to collaborate, celebrate, and connect with.

This is it.

Today is the day.

The last day.

The absolute last day to submit your application for Make the Monies Mastermind before we close up for the session.

If you get your application in today, we will make sure to touch base with you before the Mastermind starts next week.

>>> Apply Now.

Just in case you forgot, when you join the Make the Monies Mastermind, you get:

  • 6 months with a dedicated support team and access to our business strategy machine.
  • TWO coaches with decades of experience building successful online and brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • 4 x 90-minute 1:1 strategy coaching sessions with Artemis and/or Eric for deep clarity and custom guidance.
  • 12 x 2-hour group coaching calls (2x/month)
  • Access to expert guest coaches
  • A 2-day Live Event with meals included
  • Access to all 26+ EmpowerU Business Academy Modules
  • NEW trainings exclusive to the Mastermind
  • Support via Slack & Voxer
  • Group support from within the Mastermind

It’s a seriously immersive experience. You are going to become part of a community of entrepreneurs hellbent on inviting MORE abundance into their businesses and lives.

There is going to be So. Much. Ass. Kicked.

Are you ready to Make the Monies?

>>> Apply Now. It’s your last chance.

With love, abundance, and no-shade-for-windbreakers,

Artemis + Eric
Your EmpowerU Coaches

P.S. Investing in yourself and your business is an incredible way to break the generational cycle of limiting money beliefs and scarcity mindsets. You are worth it. We can show you. >>> Apply now.

Get your business to 6-figures by focusing on its leader.

Do you ever go to a baseball game, or a Broadway show, or a concert and think to yourself:

Damn. They look like they’re having a good time.

I wonder what it would be like to be up there with them.

And then you go back to your $16 popcorn and continue watching other people have an incredible time living their best lives?

Here’s why that experience is SO magnetic:

Those people are aligned as f*ck with their highest selves.

They have taken risks, done a buttload of work, and most importantly, made decisions to get to where they are.

It’s not just anyone up on that stage. It’s people who decided to follow their hearts, guts, and souls to live a life in alignment.

What you’re seeing up there is abundance in action.

Have you been sitting at home, scrolling through emails about Make the Monies Mastermind, and then going back to your popcorn?

Or maybe it’s not popcorn. Maybe it’s 3 pages of to-dos that aren’t moving your business forward, and a client calendar that overwhelms you.

We created Make the Monies Mastermind for you.

To get you out of your damn seat and into your power.

This 6-month group experience is going to take your business beyond 6-figures by focusing on its leader.

That’s you.

You’re a CEO. A boss. The one up on the stage.

The buck stops with you.

Look at your business right now.

Do you see how it will grow?
Can you handle growth?
Do you have the capacity to serve more clients?
What will you have to sacrifice in order to grow?

Our recommendation: Sacrifice the things that slow you down.

The tipping point between a $100K business and a multiple 6-figure business is a TEAM.

You can only do everything up to a certain point. Then you need to call in for backup.

We know that you hear that and register it as a bill payment.

“I need to hire a team, which is going to cost me money I don’t want to spend.”

Hear us out.

It’s going to cost you time. Or it’s going to cost you money.

There’s a limit on time.

Paying people to do the things that aren’t in your zone of genius…

…leaves you more time to be in your zone of genius.

Those 6 hours a month you spend trying to make sense of your finances, and making sure everyone who owes you money has paid you?

Those are 6 hours you could have:
Spent in your zone of genius coaching someone and making money
Gone for a walk to invest in your mental health.
Actually had a couple decent nights of sleep.
Read that personal development book that’s been on your shelf for 2 years.
Finalized your newest touchless coaching offer that will make you money in your sleep.

The bottom line is: Hiring a team will make you more money.

There are limits to income generation when you’re trading time for money.

There are only so many hours in a day.

Are you ready to step it up beyond the clock?

Are you ready to own your potential and flow into an aligned multiple 6-figure online fitness business?

Make the Monies is for you.

The doors close on Wednesday, and won’t reopen for at least another 6 months while we pour into the folks who are joining us.

>>> Apply Now for the Make the Monies Mastermind.

With love, alignment, and a full 8-hours of sleep every night,

Artemis + Eric
Your EmpowerU Coaches

P.S. Is it time for you to join the show? This is the training you need to blow yourself away. >>> Apply now.


Good people know good people. 

Good people care about good things.

Good people help other people.

When good people have good money, they can augment their influence and ability to help others.

There’s this idea that “money is the root of all evil,” and it’s BS.

Money will expand your intentions.

If you have good intentions, you will expand your good actions.

If you have evil intentions, money just may expand evil actions.

I am so blessed to work with and coach such remarkable human beings who have a huge purpose in this lifetime. 🔥

They may be from different industries, life paths and backgrounds, but one thing is for sure:They are all good people. And they’re going to make a lot of money. 🔥

And in the words of Chris Harder, when they make it, they will do great, great things. 🌎

👉🏻 Ready to make swimming pools of cash and do AMAZING things with it?

Join us for our Masterclass TODAY where we’re teaching you our strategy for $15K in less than 15 Days with the EMPOWERU HIGH TICKET LEAD GENERATION & NURTURING METHOD. ✨


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