It is okay to not be the best at everything.

It is okay to not be the best at everything.

As you walk the path of entrepreneurship and build up your business, you will learn that certain areas of your business don’t light you up.

And that is okay.

That is a GOOD thing. 🔥

You shouldn’t love to do everything. It’s nearly impossible.

And when you try to do it all, despite not being at your best, you’ll soon hit burnout. ❌

Instead, you have certain things that start a fire in you. Call it your zone of genius. 

It is crucial to stay in your zone of genius as often as possible. 💭🔥

And when it is time to go bigger, you scale your business and pay an expert to do the things that don’t light you up. 💡

That way, you spend more time doing what you LOVE. ❤️

Whether it’s connecting with clients, creating mastermind courses or creating marketing content, you need to do what you love. ❗

☝️ Building a team so you can stay in your zone of genius is the #1 way to scale your business over $100K. 

This is what I teach in my one on one coaching.

How to truly step into your role as a CEO. (Psst… a CEO doesn’t do sh*t they don’t want to do!)

Are you ready to LOVE what you do, get PAID to do it, and have a life left to live at the end of the workday?

Apply NOW CLICK HERE and YOU can get started NOW! 🔥

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