Will you serve wine or sell books?

[In today’s blog, we are giving you a really great coffee shop analogy to help you make your business stand out online. If you don’t have time to read it all, we want you to at least know this:

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One of the biggest concerns service-based entrepreneurs have when they take their businesses online is:

How am I going to stand out from every other provider here?


It’s a fair question, and we’re glad you asked.

Back in brick-and-mortar-land, your competition was largely geographically-based.

You open a coffee shop, and your competition is all the other coffee shops in the neighborhood.

You’re all gunning to caffeinate your neighbors.

So how will you stand out and attract the customers you want?

You make your coffee shop different.

Let’s say your coffee shop will have a bookstore in it. (Or live music. Or cats, because there truly is a market for everything!).

Maybe the coffee shop down the road is known for their extra special, roasted-on-site coffee beans.

Cool. That’s their thing.

And then the coffee shop across the street has a patio out back and they have a liquor license so they turn into a wine bar after dark.

Cool. That’s their thing.

It’s not your job as the new coffee shop to have roasted-on-site coffee, a patio, a wine bar, AND a bookstore.

It’s your job to have a really f*cking great bookstore in your coffee shop.

It’s your job to make sure your community members know they can get a great cup of coffee AND have the coziest time choosing their next read.

It’s your job to create an environment in your coffee shop that makes customers want to sit down and enjoy their book while they enjoy their coffee.

It’s your job to meet their needs and make the space so comfortable and the book selection so well-curated that they come back the next day for another coffee and a second book.

It’s the same in your online business.

Yes, there is a lot of competition online. There are a lot of people offering the same service that you are offering.

But there is no one else who can offer it the way you do.

There is no match for how you will make your audience, prospects, and clients feel.

It’s not your job to pretend to be like everyone else and do whatever they’re doing.

It’s your job to show up authentically as yourself and create something unique and irresistible.

Take us as an example.

Are we the first people to offer online business coaching?

Hell no.

But we know that we’re different from most coaches out there.

What makes us different?

  • We take a mentorship approach to coaching. Your goals are our goals.
  • We have decades of experience in entrepreneurship.
  • We have owned brick-and-mortar businesses, hosted in-person service at our home, and run two very successful online businesses.
  • We are a duo. When you work with EmpowerU, you get the magic of two coaches for the price of one.
  • We teach spiritual strategy, grounded in practical business principles. So we teach you how to turn your soul’s purpose into a burnout-proof aligned business.
  • We practice what we preach and have hired our own coaches to help us transition through every major business leap.

In EmpowerU Business Academy, we are your spotters, motivators, educators, and mindset-shifters.

Learn more now.

We provide unmatched support that speaks your language, caters to your clientele, and stems from YEARS of practice, knowledge, and experience.

As an EBA student, you will get:

  • 1 ZOOM group coaching call per week dedicated to teaching the weekly course content and Q&A.
  • 2 expert coaches, Artemis and Eric, and their combined 20-years of experience in business leadership.
  • A pre-program orientation kick-off call.
  • Weekly course modules on our Kajabi platform.
  • Unlimited Private Facebook Group support between coaching calls.
  • Group mentorship on weekly coaching calls and in Private Facebook Group.
  • A community of support from like-minded conscious entrepreneurs.
  • Expert guest coaches.
  • Access to the EBA resource library full of the tools that have helped us build a multiple 6-figure business.
  • Access to the EmpowerU annual Live Event in sunny Las Vegas!
  • Access to the Empowered Entrepreneur weekly community call

Are you ready to define yourself and stand out in your online business?

We would love to have you.

Sign Up Now.

Doing it differently,

Eric + Artemis

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