There’s a reason people love Lin Manuel Miranda.

Get your business to 6-figures by focusing on its leader.

Do you ever go to a baseball game, or a Broadway show, or a concert and think to yourself:

Damn. They look like they’re having a good time.

I wonder what it would be like to be up there with them.

And then you go back to your $16 popcorn and continue watching other people have an incredible time living their best lives?

Here’s why that experience is SO magnetic:

Those people are aligned as f*ck with their highest selves.

They have taken risks, done a buttload of work, and most importantly, made decisions to get to where they are.

It’s not just anyone up on that stage. It’s people who decided to follow their hearts, guts, and souls to live a life in alignment.

What you’re seeing up there is abundance in action.

Have you been sitting at home, scrolling through emails about Make the Monies Mastermind, and then going back to your popcorn?

Or maybe it’s not popcorn. Maybe it’s 3 pages of to-dos that aren’t moving your business forward, and a client calendar that overwhelms you.

We created Make the Monies Mastermind for you.

To get you out of your damn seat and into your power.

This 6-month group experience is going to take your business beyond 6-figures by focusing on its leader.

That’s you.

You’re a CEO. A boss. The one up on the stage.

The buck stops with you.

Look at your business right now.

Do you see how it will grow?
Can you handle growth?
Do you have the capacity to serve more clients?
What will you have to sacrifice in order to grow?

Our recommendation: Sacrifice the things that slow you down.

The tipping point between a $100K business and a multiple 6-figure business is a TEAM.

You can only do everything up to a certain point. Then you need to call in for backup.

We know that you hear that and register it as a bill payment.

“I need to hire a team, which is going to cost me money I don’t want to spend.”

Hear us out.

It’s going to cost you time. Or it’s going to cost you money.

There’s a limit on time.

Paying people to do the things that aren’t in your zone of genius…

…leaves you more time to be in your zone of genius.

Those 6 hours a month you spend trying to make sense of your finances, and making sure everyone who owes you money has paid you?

Those are 6 hours you could have:
Spent in your zone of genius coaching someone and making money
Gone for a walk to invest in your mental health.
Actually had a couple decent nights of sleep.
Read that personal development book that’s been on your shelf for 2 years.
Finalized your newest touchless coaching offer that will make you money in your sleep.

The bottom line is: Hiring a team will make you more money.

There are limits to income generation when you’re trading time for money.

There are only so many hours in a day.

Are you ready to step it up beyond the clock?

Are you ready to own your potential and flow into an aligned multiple 6-figure online fitness business?

Make the Monies is for you.

The doors close on Wednesday, and won’t reopen for at least another 6 months while we pour into the folks who are joining us.

>>> Apply Now for the Make the Monies Mastermind.

With love, alignment, and a full 8-hours of sleep every night,

Artemis + Eric
Your EmpowerU Coaches

P.S. Is it time for you to join the show? This is the training you need to blow yourself away. >>> Apply now.

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