Feelings follow imagery

Feelings follow imagery: A story about pancakes. 🥞 **SCROLL DOWN**

We were talking about visualization in the Make the Monies Mastermind orientation call last week.

(You’re still welcome to join 😀)

Visualizing your ideal life and business can feel a little abstract. 

I find visualization easier when I can think of an OBJECT.

Right now, my resonant object happens to be a pancake. 🥞

I’ve been tired lately. I’m a little worn down. 

We’ve been running a launch and I’ve been chomping at the bit to just GET to the thing and start getting messy with our new Mastermind group.

Entrepreneurs know what I mean.

When I’m tired and worn down, my brain lets more negative thoughts slip through.

So here’s what I’ve been trying:

When I get that negative thought, I flip the pancake. 🙃 🥞

I flip the negative and immediately think about the reverse.

I say the opposite.

❌ Negative thought: “I spent all day catching up and had no time for what I actually wanted to do.”🥞 

Pancake thought: “I spent all day catching up so tomorrow I’ll have lots of time to do what I want to do.”It works. It’s nice. It helps.

And I know it sounds overly simplistic. Maybe even dismissive.

But the negative thought is just a thought. Thoughts are not facts. But our bodies and brains believe the thoughts. 🧠

So you can flip it to a different thought. Make your body and brain believe the positive one instead.

Don’t push the negative out. Flip the perspective. ✨

Don’t fight it. Just flip it.It takes practice, but it sure makes for a better day.And better days add up to better weeks, months, years, and LIVES.

Hope you’re enjoying a great pancake breakfast this morning! 🇺🇸 🥞

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