A lot of people ask me…Eric, can I really get strong on circuits?


My answer is DAMN SKIPPY you can!  You can get lean as hell too!


I’d argue that properly designed circuits are the best bang for your buck training.


You can Train one area, take  rest then move on to another area.  By the time you return to our first station, you are recovered and ready to crush another set!


Here is this video you can see I am Tall Kneeling Pressing the 28kg(61.6lb) for 1 R/L.  Today was a 30s interval day. 30s on each side with 40s of rest once the 30/30 was done. 40s of rest is not for the beginner with my programs.  It took me some time to handle the brief 40s of rest!


Back to my original point!  YES you can get strong and lean on circuits!


My Circuit Shred will be launching on TUESDAY AUGUST 27th! Less than a week away from the program that has added lean muscle mass and dropped fat from many of my one-on-one clients.


Drop a note below if your interested and want to know when is launches.  For a limited time after the launch there will be a special code for a special price!


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