Build Muscle & Shred Fat!  Save this post & give it a shot!


Kettlebells are my favorite tool for my new Circuit Shred Program. Kettlebells are quick, easy, and so applicable for all people!


In these 2 videos you will see one of the finishing conditioning blocks from my new Circuit Shred Program.


Push Presses

2 Hand Kettlebell Swing


I did 10 rounds & it broke down like this for today!


30s Push Press

15s Transition/Jam out to some Van Halen!

30s 2 Hand Swing

1 min Rest/Jam out to some more Van Halen!


This conditioning block took me 22m:30s and my heart rate was in the PERFECT zone the whole time to build muscle & shred fat.  What zone is that?  The perfect zone is where you feel the burn & are just quite winded. Also able to recover in the 1 min of rest at the end & step up to the plate & crush another round.


This is Circuit Shred…This is building muscle and shredding fat!


Are you interested in getting all the info for Circuit Shred. It will be launching in a few days. Drop a comment below & I will make sure you get all the info when the full 8 week program launches!


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