Post 1: Benefits of Optimized Testosterone:  Decreases in Body Fat


Testosterone is essential in the regulation of:



-Fat Storage


As men get older our ability to process insulin, glucose & fat goes down.  This all leads to an increase in body fat! (source: The TOT Bible)


If your blood markers are showing insulin sensitivity, decreased ability to regulate glucose & you have increasing levels of belly fat.  Chances are you have a decrease in the production of your testosterone!


My question is…why in modern medicine do we continually treat the symptoms of decreased regulation of insulin, glucose, and fat?


Why not look to treat the root cause of a decrease in testosterone levels.  Lifestyle modification & supplementation of injectable testosterone could help you to regulate these 3 areas & help to lead to a better more productive life!


Guys start to OWN your health, step up to the plate & get better, feel better!


If you’re looking to more detailed information on Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT). Check out the TOT Bible by Jay Campbell @trtrevolution & Jim Brown @trtjim. The TOT Bible is where I will be pulling many of my next posts to help education men on why testosterone is so important to optimal health.


If you’re looking for help in many of these areas, I have 4 spots open in my EmpowerU:Men Program. EmpowerU:Men will help to optimize all aspect of men’s hormone health for optimized results!

Application click HERE

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