Post 1: Benefits of Optimized Testosterone:ย  Decreases in Body Fat


Testosterone is essential in the regulation of:



-Fat Storage


As men get older our ability to process insulin, glucose & fat goes down.ย  This all leads to an increase in body fat! (source: The TOT Bible)


If your blood markers are showing insulin sensitivity, decreased ability to regulate glucose & you have increasing levels of belly fat.ย  Chances are you have a decrease in the production of your testosterone!


My question isโ€ฆwhy in modern medicine do we continually treat the symptoms of decreased regulation of insulin, glucose, and fat?


Why not look to treat the root cause of a decrease in testosterone levels.ย  Lifestyle modification & supplementation of injectable testosterone could help you to regulate these 3 areas & help to lead to a better more productive life!


Guys start to OWN your health, step up to the plate & get better, feel better!


If youโ€™re looking to more detailed information on Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT). Check out the TOT Bible by Jay Campbell @trtrevolution & Jim Brown @trtjim. The TOT Bible is where I will be pulling many of my next posts to help education men on why testosterone is so important to optimal health.


If youโ€™re looking for help in many of these areas, I have 4 spots open in my EmpowerU:Men Program. EmpowerU:Men will help to optimize all aspect of menโ€™s hormone health for optimized results!

Application click HERE

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