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FUNGUS!! _ Mycoestrogens = The Fungus ESTROGENIC _ Main Exposure is through cheap grains, corn, peanuts, chocolate,& coffee _ Mycoestrogens also known as zearalenone(ZEA). Mycoestrogen is the fungus estrogenic & tends to be found in grains. But also found in Corn, Peanuts, Chocolate, & Coffee. You can avoid this by investing in better quality products & make sure they have not been sitting in the store for long. _ Products made cheap… Read More

ALL THINGS SOY & FLAX _ Phytoestrogens = The PLANT ESTROGENICS _ Avoid SOY, FLAX, Lavender, and Cannabis _ Soy is seeming to be in everything these days. Soy is a top estrogenic and we should avoid all forms of it.  You can find this in so many places, because soy is cheap. Its produced in abundance & sold cheap.  So its used as an additive in so many things. Seriously, take… Read More