When I lived in MS & worked for Ole Miss.  We had a coach that used to joke with me in the gym and say….


“E, my man, when you live in the south guys focus on the 3 Ts!  Big TRAPs, BIG TRIs, and CLEAN TIRES ON THE TRUCK!”


I thought is was hilarious!  But I have to admit, since I was a teenager I have always worked on having big TRAPs & TRIs.  No Lie, when I was 14 my friends & I would literally try to shrug the world in weight.


To this day I still work on shrugs, my wife @ironbodybyartemis jokes with me when I start to do my shrugs.


Now I focus on using a weight that I can work the full ROM of the shrug & have no other movement happening in my neck & back.  See this is the key to shrugs as with any other isolated movement.  Let the area you are working on do the work!


I’ll work a moderate load and bang out like 20-25.  To the point I feel a good burn & fatigue the traps.


Many times I even find that when I am experiencing some neck and shoulder tension, these sets of shrugs actually get my traps to settle down & I find more Neck & Shoulder ROM!


Interested in working on some TRAPs & TRIs?  I have a group starting in November!


EmpowerU: Men Online Group Trainging will begin Nov 4 thu Dec 29th!  An 8 Week Program to power thu the holidays & enter 2020 LEAN & STRONG.


EmpowerU: Men Online Group Coaching includes:

*My signature 8-week Circuit Shred to Optimize Strength Training:

*Nutrition Template to Optimize Fat Loss &  Lean Muscle Gains

*Weekly 60-minute Phone Calls via ZOOM to Discuss Training and Nutrition Challenges, Action Items to overcome challenges and achieve Successes

*Access to Private Facebook Group

*A Welcome Packet to give you the direction, accountability and support that you need.

*An 18 page EmpowerU MEN Packet outlining items to eliminate to optimize testosterone production


Click HERE too receive exclusive information on the group


Space will be limited click HERE


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