Professionalism in the Industry

When we enter into the public eye as a professional in the fitness, post-rehabilitation or the strength and conditioning area we have to be conscience to the audience we are reaching out to.  We must be conscience as to how we project ourselves and we must respect the community who reads our information and the questions they have about the information we post.

This being said, recently I had an interaction on twitter with a fairly well known fitness and strength coach.  I was introduced to the professional several years ago and gained respect for the information he was publishing and promoting on the internet.  His information was always clearly outlined as to why he was supporting a certain system, method or individual.  Although on Friday night I received an email from this person promoting a free resource with hundreds of kettlebell variations from an expert in the area.

My first thought was not just to click on the link to the YouTube videos, but, I wondered who is this individual?   Why have I never heard of this person and I would love to learn something new.  Now, I consider myself NEVER to be educated enough and always have an open mind as to new thoughts and movement patterns, ideas.  I proceeded to google to search this individual out.   I found nothing for this person to be a an expert as described in the email…….

All that was listed in the email was…….

“Sometimes, it will be unique content from an expert I’ve learned from in our industry (like today’s e-mail – see below).

The first, is a YouTube page that my good buddy ______ created. This guy has a motor like none other, and here, he’s demonstrating…….”

He described the “expert” as his “buddy”.  This does not cut it for me.  I need more than this, I need you to tell me what qualifies this person as an expert.  As the standard english defintion of an expert is
“a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.”

I do not want to get into the details of the communications.  But, the point of the communication was missed completely by the individual sending the mass email and any professional objectively reading would see that in our twitter exchange.  I was looking for a professional endorsement as to why this fitness and strength coach was looking to refer so many people to this YouTube video.  I was NOT criticizing movements and training style….which is where he took it.

To finish, we are in the public eye daily and we even have our own blogs and websites.  I am open to all ideas and new concepts.  I am constantly changing and evolving in my own practice as strength is a skill.  But please list why you are supporting an induvidual you are classifying as an “expert” in an area.  Just calling him your “buddy” is not enough to draw me into learn from you.  Have professionalism, have a higher standard.  As stated by colleague of mine in Columbus Ohio, “I am not a hater. I just have higher standards.”  Please do not get angry  when you are challenged and asked questions, but instead give me an educated answer so I can make a educated decision about if I am going to continue to listen to the ideas you teach.  Because I do know, I am in the business to ask questions to better help the people I serve.

Eric Gahan

Co-Owner of Iron Body Studios


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