I never planned to end up here.

I never planned to end up here.

But I think I always had a deep knowing I would go beyond traditional athletic training.

The path that has brought me to coaching and serving my community has been a crazy, memorable, painful, moving, and beautiful experience.

I spent 20 years as an Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach. I dedicated myself to serving athletes and high-performers, caring for their minds and bodies.

But I was limited.

I was limited in who I could serve, how I could serve, and the way I could help people.

I was hungry for more.

Now, it’s my full-time mission to pass on my knowledge, experience, and passion for success to those new entrepreneurs and business owners who crave more.

I am an online business and mindset coach for health and fitness professionals. ⚡

I love helping athletic trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, and personal trainers break through their limits.

I use my twenty years of experience (the hardships AND the major wins) to help you:

👉 Overcome limiting beliefs about running your own business.

👉 Tune into your spiritual strengths.

👉 Grow a genuine, engaged social media following.

👉 Turn your passion for health into a 6-figure business.

👉 Systemize, scale, and legitimize your business.

👉 Increase your self-worth.

👉 Master the Law of Attraction.

👉 Align with your highest self.

👉 Live financially free.

Are you a fitness coach, recent graduate, strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, athletic trainer, or physiotherapist?

Do you want to break out of the burdens of someone else’s paycheck?

Scroll up, subscribe and stay tuned for offerings that will change your life. ☝️

Take the leap. The time is yesterday. ⚡

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