The FRAMEWORK for Self Confidence!

Building self confidence & self worth does not have to be a hard task.

Building self confidence takes planning & repetition.

Many times FitPros & healthcare professionals have tons of knowledge & experience yet lack the self confidence to dominate & attract their: 

-Ideal clients &

-Monetary compensation  

Building Self Confidence is exactly the same thing as training for a healthy body.

We must have a plan & put the plan into ACTION DAILY!

Any Idea, Plan, or Purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of THOUGHT!

Here is a simple FRAMEWORK for Building Self Confidence:

  1. Persistent, Consistent  & Continuous ACTION toward your attainment of your DEFINITE PURPOSE.
  2. 30 minutes Daily of Concentration & Focusing your thoughts on the person you wish to be.  Create a clear picture of that person
  3. Know that through the use of positive affirmations any DESIRE I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through a practical means.
  4. You have clearly WRITTEN down your CHIEF DEFINITE PURPOSE in life, & will not stop trying until you have developed  self confidence .
  5. You engage in no relationships which does not benefit all whom it affects.  Attracting to yourself the forces you wish to use, & the cooperation of others.  I will CAUSE others to BELIEVE in ME, because I BELIEVE in THEM, & in YOURSELF.

Sign YOUR name to this FRAMEWORK!  Commit it to MEMORY, Ready it MORNING & NIGHT, REPEAT IT OUT LOUD!  WORK that Self Confidence MUSCLE!

Know that with full FAITH this framework will gradually influence your THOUGHTS & ACTIONS.  Know that you WILL become a self-reliant & successful person!

If this framework for self confidence resonates with you, drop me a DM or head to the link HERE & apply to work with me!

Let me help you build a thriving, strong, mindset, because our business is only as successful as our mind!

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