Living Lean!

What exactly is Living Lean?

Living Lean is working to establish a healthy and strong body and mind.  Living Lean is establishing a nutrition plan to help you live life to the maximum.  Living Lean is learning that your life does not have to be spent in the gym for 2 hours 5-6 days a week.  Living Lean is learning that a healthy sustainable nutrition and exercise plan will support a lean and healthy body.

So why should we strive to live a lean healthy body?  Well, the most important aspect is decreasing the amount of body fat in our abdominal area is to decrease our chances of cardiometabolic diseases (CMS), including diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and coronary heart disease (CHD).  Multiple studies of peer reviewed journals describe establishing and maintain a healthy waist to height ratio.  What is a healthy waist to height ratio.  First find out…what is your height in inches.  Then take that number and cut it in half.  This number should be the size of your waist when measured at the navel area.  For example:  I am 66 inches tall, therefore the area around my navel “waist” should be 33 inches.  33 inches is my target to decrease my chances of developing CMS.

Cardiometabolic syndrome (CMS) is a clustering of interrelated risk factors that promote the development of atherosclerotic vascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Here are a few Journals to support this (these are medical journals, NOT fitness fraud!):




Many popular groups right now are supporting a healthy, positive body approach and this is great.  But, as healthcare providers, strength coaches, fitness professionals we also have to be the bad guy and tell our clients the truth to help them be healthy and strong.  We must embrace the healthy body approach to get all people exercising and loving themselves.  But, with that love we must accept the responsibility of helping to change the body, if the body does not fall in the parameters of decreasing chances of cardiometabolic diseases.

This is where my story begins, for my whole life I have been constantly seeking the method to live within or at a balanced to waist to height ratio.  Get my waist to 33 inches!  This has always been my goal as an adult.  I do not worry too much about the scale.  Just focus on getting to 33 inches.  You might ask, why did you ditch the scale?  Well,  many weeks my weight would not change, but I would see a decrease in the number around my navel area.  Hence, maintaining healthy muscle tissue and decreasing fat tissue.  This was great, I was building and maintaining muscle tissue while also decreasing my body fat in my abdominal/torso area.

It has not always been easy for me and never will be easy for me.  I grew up a “husky” kid.  Got the jokes cracked on me and this is the original reason I began weight training at age 14 and then playing sports.

Want proof…see pic below.  My days as an Ilion Angel in my hometown.

FullSizeRender 2

I wish I had a picture at my biggest size.  I was a junior at Canisius College and I tipped the scale at 220 pounds at a height of 5 foot 6 inches.  I was fed up,  I took more responsibility for my body, I began to watch more of what I ate and it did the trick.  I also put a hold on my weight training and began more of a “cardio” phase of my fitness.  I would spend an hour on the elliptical.

Now, this was when the elliptical was HOT and everyone was crushing calories on those things in 1999!  

Once I got to a more manageable weight I did transition to running.  I ran for a solid 10-12 years and just remained the same.  I would participate in 3 triathlons in the summer time and my body would not change.  I ran, biked, or swam at least once a day 6 days a week.  I ate the right food….but I was still triathlon fat!  I carried a bunch of weight in my torso.


It just was not working!  I then came back to weight training.  Weight training with the kettlebell.  The kettlebell allowed me to train well and move well.  It allowed me to accomplish many of my goals and have fun doing it.  But, the mid section stayed the same…

Lets fast forward to this past May of 2016.  This past May I decided to purchase and follow a fat loss template written by Renaissance Periodization(RP).   RP is backed by science and written by professionals to help you to reach your goals.  This was the answer I was looking for!  Within the first 30 days I started to see changes in my body and in my torso.  I followed the templates well and even made some modifications as needed with the help of the RP Facebook support group.  I continued with my regular exercise plan and was excited because the RP template told me what to do for “off days.”  RP gives you several templates based on the level of exercise you participate in and also the time of day you are training.  In my quest for the the “leans” I followed the “off day” and the “light training” day.  These worked very well for me and have even laid the foundation as I am maintaining my “leans!”


Left is beginning weight of 176 and 36 inches around the navel. Right is 60 days in at 165 and 34 inches around the navel.


This picture is approximately 90 days out from the start of the program. You can see a difference from my 60 day pic and my 90 day picture!

This coming Fall at Iron Body Studios we will be launching our Living Lean Program.

I am excited to share this program with everyone who has walked a similar path as myself.  A certified Eric Gahan No Fitness Fraud Program!  If you have looked everywhere for answers to become leaner and healthy with nothing helping.  Then the answer is here and the answer is Living Lean!LIVINGLEAN-2Living Lean is our 60 day on-line transformation program that will give you the keys to unlock your own health and Iron Body “Leans” with our special blend of adventure and proven serious fitness techniques. This quick start program has helped several Iron Bodies, chasing the “leans” just like you to make the lifestyle changes necessary to live a life of fitness dreams.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 3 Living Lean Workouts per week(24 total) — $450 value
  • PLUS a BONUS 4th workout each week (8 BONUS Workouts) –$150 value
  • TOTAL of 32 Living Lean workouts during your 60 days on the Program — $600 value
  • Workouts delivered to your computer or smart device via — $200 value
  • Regressions and Progressions so YOU can complete each training session — $200 value
  • Access to instructional coaching video designed to teach and correct form and technique — $200 value
  • Daily online support via very private Living Lean Facebook group support — $200 value
  • Nutritional Guidance: Fat Loss Template via Renaissance Periodization (RP) (must purchase separately)

Link to Renaissance Fat Loss Template (this is a must purchase via to be part of the program): Use discount code “Artemis10” at checkout.

OVER A $1,400.00 VALUE in training material FOR ONLY 1 PAYMENT OF $125.00

Use the code


at the check out for

20% off thru September 5th!

Let us show you how a busy schedule doesn’t have to ruin your fitness and nutrition goals.  Learn to nourish your body based on the level of exercise you do.  Learn to spend time with food prep to yield maximum results.  Let us teach you…life does not have to be spent in the gym for hours at a time.  Life can be spent LIVING and eating a nutritional plan that meets the all your your demands!  Eat and train SMART…eat and train for the “leans!”

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