Esteem vs. Self-Esteem 💭⚡

Esteem vs. Self-Esteem 💭⚡

Here is how I break it down: 👇

Esteem ➝ A high respect and high regardSelf-Esteem ➝ How we see and treat ourselvesHigh Self-Esteem ➝ A high respect for ourselves and our self-worth; believing we deserve everything that our thoughts, minds, and bodies truly need to thrive.

High self-esteem and ego get clumped together, but they’re two very separate concepts.

✨ High self-esteem is believing you are worthy of awesome things.

🚫 Ego is believing you deserve all the credit for the creation of your awesomeness.

Your self-worth and amazingness do not stem from your own actions and achievements.

(Low vibe) 👎

If you give total credit to your higher power, universe, creator, you are totally in line with having self-esteem and having a high view of yourself.

(High vibe) 🙌

True self-esteem, self-worth, and alignment are found miles away from your achievements.

True self-esteem radiates outward to everyone you meet.

It’s a great cycle:

Treat yourself with high regard and respect. 🔃

  • Reflect that outward and treat everyone else with high regard and high respect. 🔃
  • You will feel great about yourself because of how you treat people. 🔃
  • You will feel worthy of high regard and respect. 🔃

And the cycle continues…

✨ We go DEEP in on this in our business and money coaching.You need to own, live, believe, and do EVERYTHING that connects with being paid your worth.

The money you attract helps you amplify your highest good, your greatness, your self-esteem, AND THEREFORE the esteem you have for others.

The cycle serves everyone! 🥳

Our bodies, minds, pay checks, and level of fulfillment all come from our internal sense of self-esteem.

So remember who you really are: a limitless, infinite being who came from an unbounded creator.

We are limitless and light. 🔥

When you practice this mindset, your high self-esteem will steer clear of ego and instead SERVE.

If you are called to work on your self-esteem and cultivate more abundance in your business, CLICK MY LINK HERE today. I offer free introductory calls for my life-changing 1:1 coaching programs. 🔥

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