I am here to disrupt the traditional Athletic Trainer career model. 🔥

I am here to disrupt the traditional #AthleticTrainer career model. 🔥

If you are a recent graduate or an AT feeling unmotivated in your career, I have one thing to say to you today:

📲 It’s time to get your butt online.

I know, I know. It’s counterintuitive for a hands-on practitioner to work remotely.

But if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the future of health and wellness is virtual.

Trust me.

For 20+ years, I was an athletic trainer with my income potential capped by a set salary.

I held an esteemed position with Cirque du Soleil, a huge and famous organization, but I was barely scraping by.

I had to take on extra responsibilities in an already overloaded job to make ends meet.

I began feeling stuck because of the commitment to the schedule, clinical practice patterns, and lack of extra support.

My schedule became so inflexible that I started to resent my career choice.

I was exhausted, underpaid, and angry.

I just wanted to help people, but that didn’t feel like a good enough exchange for the way I was feeling.

So I made a shift.

I went online and created a new life for myself.

👉 One where I was able to make my own schedule, set my own rates, and be HAPPY.

I never thought I’d feel so fulfilled in my life.

I have the roadmap for getting you there too through my 1:1 business coaching for Athletic Trainers.

📲The new AT industry is online.

Get READY to step into your power and change your career. 🔥

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