Nutrition Coaching to Help Overcome Candida and Food Intolerance.

I am excited to announce I am now talking on 5 new clients for nutrition coaching.  Over the course of the past year I have been diving deep into nutrition literature and studying the best of the best for nutrition coaching and overcoming candida and also food intolerances.  Of course the foundation for this was my bachelors (BS) and masters (MS) of science degree and my further education of the Precision Nutrition Level I certification.

Not very often do you have a health care provider as well as a strength coach that understand the needs of a nourishing well rounded diet.  A nourishing diet that helps to control candida and control inflammation in the body.

I only have space for 5 dedicated individuals that are ready to overcome the effects of candida and also food intolerance.  I am only accepting 5.  I want to keep this to a select group so that I can give really great attention to the progress and success of the 5 people accepted and ready to change their life and nutritional habits.

I will give detailed breakdowns of the proper macronutrients needed to make gains toward a happy and healthy body.  While coaching you and guiding you to staying way from foods that will trigger growth of candida and/or trigger IgG inflammation.

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Now is the time to enter into my select group of 5 and receive excellent nutrition coaching with experience, evidence and up-to-date knowledge to support your needs as an individual.


If you are looking for more nutrition guidance about what is the best diet for YOU, then I hope you will join me for my 12-Week Online Nutrition Coaching Program, Iron Body Fuel.  I am only taking on 5 new clients.  When this group is full, the group will be closed for 12 weeks.

Our Iron Body Fuel Program is a combined Precision Nutrition and Holistic approach which includes:

  1. 28-Day Iron Body Restore (a guided 28-day elimination and re-introduction program);
  2. A two month nutrition plan tailored specifically to the client;
  3. Two 45 minute Skype calls;
  4. Weekly email support;
  5. Access to our private Facebook group and coaching videos for additional support and information.

Iron Body Fuel kicks off Month One with Iron Body Restore, a 28-day guided elimination and re-introduction program.


After you complete Iron Body Restore you will meet with me for your first 45-minute Skype call to review your Restore program results and create your Nutrition client coaching profile to kick off Month Two.

Months Two & Three include a two-month nutrition plan, specific to the individual.

The second 45-minute Skype call can be scheduled at the discretion and need of the client over the three month program.

Cost is $499 (save $90 when you pay in full!) for the 12-Week program or $197 per month for 3 months.

Sign up under “online store”, “contract” and select the “Iron Body Fuel” payment package you prefer HERE.

If you have already completed our Iron Body Restore program, but are interested in personalized online nutrition coaching, you may sign up for two or three months of nutrition coaching at $197/month. Contact me at to inquire about this option.


Or if you just want to contact me to discuss and find out if this program can work for you contact me at to inquire.

I look forward to working with you!


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