LEFT: Low Testosterone and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome; RIGHT: Optimized Testosterone and ALL Hormones, crushing weights in my home gym!

My 45-Day Hormone Reset is a GROUP coaching nutrition, lifestyle, and habit reset program that includes learning all about hormones, hormone balance and evidenced based nutrition.

Lifestyle changes that affect/improve hormone balance and how to apply and incorporate these evidenced based nutrition and lifestyle changes into YOUR life for optimal hormone balance.

I offer this program ONLY 3 times per year and it is limited to 20 dedicated men.

Details are below…

The next 45-Day Hormone Reset Starts February 9, 2020.  Prep week starts February 2, 2020.

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LEFT: Low T and feeling like shit!; RIGHT: Optimized T and healing my Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.

About my 45-Day Hormone Reset

I have lived with Low Testosterone, an unhealthy Gastrointestinal Issues (GI) and hormone imbalances for over 10 years, 10 of those years undiagnosed.  I also rebuilt and healed Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome from chronic high stress.

Unfortunately it is very common for men to have low testosterone, GI issues and hormone imbalances go undiagnosed.  Many times, those of us who suffer from it, along with other hormone imbalances, will share our symptoms with allopathic doctors who will just write us off for being crazy, stressed, and/or to be suffering from the results of aging.

You are NOT crazy, and you are not just stressed and aging.  Your symptoms indicate that you may be suffering from low testosterone and hormone imbalances.

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I did experience weight gain(FAT in my mid-section), lack of passion and drive, lack of lean muscle gains, low libido and some if not all the symptoms listed below:

  • Lethargy
  • Digestive problems
  • Bloating, gut inflammation, “poochy” squishy belly
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Joint pain & stiffness & lack of recovery from minor injuries
  • Insulin Resistance
  • High Blood Sugar
  • PLUS night sweats (Yes, it not only for women)
  • Feeling overwhelmed and like I was racing from one task to the next due to high cortisol, followed by fatigue and burnout due to low cortisol.

Other symptoms related to hormone imbalances include:

  • Gynecomastia (Male Breast) (Man Boobs)
  • Loss of Upper Body Muscle Mass
  • Loss of Lower Body Muscle Mass
  • Heart Palpitations/Irregular Heartbeat
  • Thyroid medication works for a short period of time and then stops working
  • Thinning hair or hair loss – often from the eyebrows, specifically the outer third of the eyebrows.
  • Low or unstable blood sugar
  • Mid-section weight gain (Belly Fat)
  • Food cravings
  • Tired but wired at night, including that regular 2-3 AM wake-up call when you lie wide awake in bed and watch the clock until you fall asleep 30 minutes before your alarm goes off
  • Low sex drive
  • Hair Loss
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Brain Fog/Lack of Concentration
  • Recurring Headaches
  • Lethargy, Fatigue
  • Easily disrupted sleep/lack of deep sleep
  • Cyclical Headaches
  • Migraines or other Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Rosacea
  • Infertility
  • and MANY more.

I first learned about how nutrition and lifestyle affect hormone balance in 2008 from Paul Chek and my wife.  My wife battles with the women’s side of hormone health, she is a champion as has over come many challenges like myself.  I learned:

  • Eliminate processed soy as it can cause hormone imbalances and infertility;
  • Reduce/eliminate plastics because toxins can be metabolic blockers and cause hormone imbalances;
  • Avoid using the microwave because it alters the composition of your food;
  • A healthy gut microbiome = hormone balance and healthy “policeman poops” = a healthy gut;
  • Choose grass fed, organic beef, pastured raised chicken and eggs and wild caught fish;
  • For fruits and veggies, follow rules of the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen to choose organic;
  • Regulate your natural circadian rhythms without the disruption of caffeine and artificial light AND make sure your bedroom is a dark, quiet space set up for optimal sleep without electronic devices;
  • Processed white bread and refined grains can spike your blood sugar, thus choose sprouted grain bread or homemade sourdough made from a fermented starter;
  • Manage stress through yoga and meditation;

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Since then I have continued to learn more about how nutrition and lifestyle affects hormone balance ESPECIALLY over the past two years since I was diagnosed with Low Testosterone and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.

When I was diagnosed with Low T and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, I started to work with a functional medicine specialist to balance my hormones with not just medication, but also with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

At the time, even though my nutrition and healthy lifestyle aligned with healing my gut and hormone balance there were additional changes that I could make to improve hormone balance, heal my gut and my body.

For the past three years, in order to heal myself and balance my hormones, along with medication, I have researched, read and applied evidenced based nutrition and lifestyle changes.  Plus, most recently, research and knowledge from Epigenetics – the study of how environmental factors can alter how genes express themselves. As a result I created my 45-Day Hormone Reset to help others who also suffer from hormone imbalances learn how to heal THEIR guts, bodies, and balance their hormones through specific, evidenced based, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Only 10% of health conditions and disease is caused by genetics. The other 90% is caused by environmental factors. Therefore, the most profound influences on your health, vitality, and function are the cumulative effects of the decisions you make about your diet and lifestyle on the expression of your genes.

My 45-Day Hormone Reset is your first step to balancing your hormones, cleaning your genes, reversing the signs of aging, and extending your health span.

In my Hormone Reset you will learn how the right food, sleep, exercise and detox support can reverse many age-related hormone problems and optimize methylation and your liver’s ability to detoxify your system.

PHASE ONE (Days 1-23) of my 45-Day Hormone Reset includes the following 7 Hormone Resets:

  • Reset #1 – ESTROGEN: Red Meat & Alcohol
  • Reset #2 – INSULIN: Sugar
  • Reset #3 – LEPTIN (Controls hunger and sated signals): Fruit
  • Reset #4 – CORTISOL: Caffeine
  • Reset #5 – THYROID: Grains
  • Reset #6 – GROWTH HORMONE: Dairy
  • Reset #7 – TESTOSTERONE: Toxins

PHASE TWO (Days 24-45) of my 45-Day Hormone Reset includes the following top 7 most important genes and 7-step protocol to help optimize the most positive expression of these genes:

  • Step 1: Feed + FTO gene (Fatso gene)
  • Step 2: Sleep + MTHFR gene (Methylation gene)
  • Step 3: Move + Apolipoprotein E gene (Alzheimer’s and Bad Heart gene)
  • Step 4: Release + BRCA1 & BRCA2 genes (Breast Cancer genes)(This is important with the rise of gynecomastia in men)
  • Step 5: Expose + VDR gene (Vitamin D receptor gene)
  • Step 6: Soothe + Circadian locomotor output cycles kaput gene (Clock gene)
  • Step 7: Think + mTOR (or FRAP1), FOXO3, and SIRT1 genes (Longevity genes)

The first half of the Reset (Phase One: Days 1-23) will be an elimination phase that will help you to eliminate the most allergenic foods and metabolic blockers causing inflammation and hormone imbalances.

The second half of the Reset (Phase Two: Days 24-45) will be a re-introduction phase where you will choose to re-introduce, one at a time, all or none of the foods that you eliminated, PLUS I will delve into Epigenetics (the study of how your environment impacts how your genes will express themselves, either positively or negatively) and teach you about our top 7 most important genes. I will guide you through a 7-step protocol that will help you to optimize the most positive expression of these genes so that you tap into youth and vitality for years to come.

The group coaching program includes the following:

  • Over 20 emails to guide you through both the elimination and re-introduction phases. This does not include any additional emails I may send with bonus information, tips or tutorials.
  • Weekly group coaching calls delivered via ZOOM (7 coaching calls total over the 6-week program). Calls meet Tuesdays at 4:00 PM Pacific Time. All calls will be recorded and a link to the replay will be emailed out to everyone in the group coaching program. The weekly coaching calls are structured so that the first half of each call is spent teaching about the Resets and Hormones the group is focusing on that week, and the second half of the call is an open forum for the group’s questions. The weekly coaching calls are the primary platform to ask and answer questions.
  • Closed Facebook group for the group to provide support to each other, along with past Hormone Reset participants, and where I may provide additional information, tips, videos, and Facebook Lives. As well as supplemental support to any questions not answered on the weekly coaching calls, or in any of the emails that I send, or Facebook Lives, or videos that I post
  • Primary support will be provided via the Weekly ZOOM Coaching Calls. Supplemental support to any questions not answered on the weekly coaching calls, or in any of the emails that I send, or Facebook Lives, or videos that I post, will be answered in the closed Facebook group. I will answer questions in the closed Facebook group on a weekly basis.

SIGN UP ==> HERE <== USE CODE RESET45 for 20% off!

By the end of the 45-Day Hormone Reset,

  • You will understand better the science of how hormones work in your body;
  • How to fuel your body with your nutrition for optimal hormone balance and energy;
  • Cleanse your body of any food addictions, such as caffeine, sugar or alcohol;
  • Have a better mind/body connection that allows you to listen to your body so that you can fuel your body for optimal hormone balance and energy;
  • Know how to better manage stress with healthy coping mechanisms like yoga, walks, reading, podcasts, and meditation, and NOT sugar, caffeine or alcohol;
  • Create new, healthy hormone balance friendly habits so that you can continue with a sustainable approach to balancing your hormones through nutrition and lifestyle for LIFE.
  • Allow your body to continue to burn off belly/breast fat and build lean muscle mass.

45-Day Hormone Reset Starts February 9, 2020.  Prep week starts February 2, 2020

SIGN UP ==> HERE <== USE CODE RESET45 for 20% off! Code only valid for the next 48 hours.

Space is limited in this group coaching program to ONLY 20 men, so sign up TODAY!

Yours in Health & Strength,


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