On-Line Personal Training

On-Line Personal Training


I offer both One-on-One (individualized) and Group (non-individualized) online personal training through Iron Body Studios interactive online training platform through WeightTraining.com.

One-on-One (Individualized) Online Personal Training

Online One-on-One Personal Training is appropriate for the client who is limited by time or distance, and is comfortable training on his/her own or instructors who are seeking to improve their current skills or work towards a certification and are comfortable training on their own.  I also specialize in optimizing mobility, movement, and strength training.

When you sign up for a One-on-One Online Personal Training subscription, you will receive a monthly program tailored to your specific goal(s) and weekly program feedback and video exchange within the WeightTraining.com interactive discussion platform.

The Online One-on-One Personal Training subscription is $199.99 per month.

Sign up for Online One-on-One Personal Training HERE.

Group (Non-Individualized) Online Personal Training

 Group online training

I offer interactive Online Group Personal Training through Iron Body Studios’ WeightTraining.com Interactive Platform.

If you are limited by time or distance, and you do not need something as specific as the One-on-One Personal Training subscription, then Online Group Personal Training is for you!

The Online Group Personal Training subscription is $24.99 per month and it includes access to all instructional videos and three workouts per month.

Each month we (Iron Body Studios) roll out up to five exercise videos and three workouts which are a Level I, Level II, and Level III workout that is made up of the exercises that we roll out for a particular month.

Each workout is structured over a six-week progressive program, so essentially each month you receive a twelve-week training plan.

Since the training platform is interactive, there is also a discussion area that you can post questions and videos that we review and will answer.

Sign up for Online Group Personal Training HERE.

Additional Online Training Programs

In addition to the One-on-One and Group Personal Training subscriptions, I also offer the following specific single purchase programs listed below… You do not need to be a member of either the One-on-One or Group Personal Training subscriptions in order to purchase these programs.

Iron Body Shred Level I – $37.99

This 6-week workout plan is geared towards weight loss and building endurance and strength.  Purchase HERE.

You can download the WeightTraining.com app on your iPhone and/or iPad/ and/or android device and bring it with you to your training location. You can set up your WT.com account so that it reminds you that you have a workout to do that day!

Here is a sneak peak of what the platform looks like and how the workouts are set-up:

App for WT Pic


Roe T.

(Note: Roe had never trained with kettlebells before until she started training with Iron Body Studios via our online training platform.)

“Think I’m addicted to my kettlebells, what a great work out. Thanks Iron Body Studios.”

Melanie T.

“I love it. Works for me. I am learning good form, I am enjoying tracking, I can do this from home. I like being monitored by trainers that know what they are talking about, and whom I admire. Beside which, putting the work in over the last few weeks has helped bring my weight down by five pounds, not needed but welcome all the same. I am in for the long haul. Thanks Eric and Artemis.”

Andrea S.

“I’d like to add that my butt is approximately 1.5″ higher than when I started with you just a few weeks ago! I’m terrible at actually documenting the workouts but they are kicking my butt (higher!).”

Please email me at eric@ironbodystudios.com if you have any questions and I look forward to training with you!

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