On-Line Personal Training

On-Line Testosterone Optimization Training


I offer One-on-One (individualized) Online Testosterone Optimization Training helping men 30+ optimize testosterone, strength training & nutrition.

One-on-One (Individualized) Online Testosterone Optimization Training

One-on-One Online Testosterone Optimization Training is appropriate for the client who is limited by time or distance, and is comfortable training on his/her own. Testosterone Optimization Training improves nutrition, mobility, movement, and strength training.

When you sign up for a One-on-One Testosterone Optimization Training, you will receive:

  • Initial Phone Call to discuss Testosterone Optimization Training
  • Monthly Programming to Optimize Strength Training
  • Monthly Programming to Optimize Nutrition
    • A macronutrient science based approach to support testosterone production, strength training, recovery, injury reduction and prevention.
  • Monthly Phone Calls to Discuss Challenges, Action Items to over come challenges and Successes
  • Weekly Check-ins via text message

The Online One-on-One Testosterone Optimization Training is $199.99 per month with a 3 month commitment.

Contact me at ericgahanatc@gmail.com for details more details on One-on-One Testosterone Optimization Training.

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