EmpowerU Men On-Line Coaching Program

EmpowerU Men Online Coaching Program 

EmpowerU Men is based on the being the best man possible to support and thrive for the people around us.  EmpowerU Men focuses on fostering three pillars to build great men’s health. Optimizing testosterone, strength training & nutrition.

Left: Me at 32 and no proper strength training, nutrition, or testosterone optimization. Right: 40 thriving in life, just married my wife, and following balanced strength training and nutrition for optimized testosterone!!

Through my EmpowerU Men online coaching program, I help men to take control of their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to boost testosterone for optimal performance!


EmpowerU Men online coaching program requires a 3-month commitment and includes the following:

  • Individualized monthly strength programming & coaching through my platform on EXERCISE.COM
  • Nutrition Coaching
      • A macronutrient science-based approach to support testosterone production, strength training, recovery, injury reduction and prevention.
  • Lifestyle Coaching for Testosterone Optimization
      • Dialing in the details from skin care to food storage to support an optimal testosterone production level.
  • Weekly 30-minute FACE TO FACE coaching call via ZOOM
  • Email or Text Message via VOXER support in between ZOOM calls
  • Weekly ACTION items so that you achieve your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals!


Are you ready to become a thriving man?


Apply to WORK WITH ME ==> HERE <==

Upon submission, I will review your application and contact you within 72 hours if I think we might be a good fit, and with any next steps. Submission does not guarantee a coaching spot.

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