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EmpowerU Men Online Coaching Programs 

EmpowerU: Men focuses on supporting three pillars to enhance testosterone production; strength training to aid building lean body mass while decreasing fat, balanced nutrition and guidance with lifestyle coaching.

Left: Me at 32 and no proper strength training, nutrition, or testosterone optimization. Right: 40 thriving in life, just married my wife, and following balanced strength training and nutrition for optimized testosterone!!

Through my EmpowerU Men online coaching program, I help men to take control of their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to boost testosterone for optimal performance!

 I offer One-on-One Coaching or Group Coaching: Details for Both are Listed Below!

EmpowerU Men One-on-One online Coaching Program requires a 3-month commitment and includes the following:

  • Individualized monthly strength programming & coaching through my platform on EXERCISE.COM
  • Individualized Nutrition Coaching
      • A macronutrient science-based approach to support testosterone production, strength training, recovery, injury reduction and prevention.
  • Individualized Lifestyle Coaching for Testosterone Optimization
      • Dialing in the details from skin care to food storage to support an optimal testosterone production level.
  • One-on-One Weekly 30-minute FACE TO FACE coaching call via ZOOM
  • Email support in between ZOOM calls
  • Weekly ACTION items so that you achieve your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals!

Are you ready to become a thriving man?

Apply to WORK WITH ME ==> HERE <==

Upon submission, I will review your application and contact you within 72 hours if I think we might be a good fit, and with any next steps. Submission does not guarantee a coaching spot.

EmpowerU: Men Online Group Testosterone Optimization Coaching

How the 8-Week Program Works

In order to give you the direction, accountability and support that you need there are a couple different facets to this program. I’ll briefly describe them here.

EmpowerU Men: Online Group Testosterone Optimization Training

Group Online Testosterone Optimization Training is an exclusive group of only 10 Men per 8 week coaching segments.

Group Online Testosterone Optimization Training is appropriate for the client who is limited by time or distance and is comfortable training on his own. Testosterone Optimization Training improves your nutrition, mobility, movement, fat loss and strength training.

When you sign up for EmpowerU: Men Online Group Testosterone Optimization Training, you will receive:

  • An 18-page EmpowerU MEN Packet outlining items (Food and Lifestyle) to eliminate and optimize testosterone production.
  • My signature 8-week Circuit Shred to Optimize Strength Training:
  • Circuit Shred strength programming & coaching via my platform/app on exercise.com(you will get the entire program for the 8 weeks and lifetime access to the program.)
    • Proven to reduce body fat and gain lean muscle mass
    • 5 Days of training per week for 8 Weeks
  • Nutrition Template to Optimize Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Gains
    • PDF template Loaded via exercise.com in the group “Resources”
    • A macronutrient science-based approach to support testosterone production, strength training, recovery, injury reduction and prevention.
    • This template will be based off your current weight and goals. It will be a template for you to follow.  Guidance as to making modifications to the template will be given, if asked in the weekly calls via ZOOM.
  • Weekly 60-minute Phone Calls via ZOOM to Discuss Training and Nutrition Challenges, Action Items to overcome challenges and achieve successes.
    • ZOOM calls will begin with a 20-30-minute master class on a topic related to the group.  It will then be dedicated to Q & A to help you crush the training, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications!
    • All calls will be recorded so you can return to the calls to review again or watch them later if you cannot be there.  NOTE:  It is extremely important to be at the calls and you expected to be there.  This is the bulk of the coaching that will happen and the only direct access to your coach 🙂
    • All ZOOM Calls will happen on Tuesdays at 5:30pm PST.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for support from other members and once a week support from Eric.  Live Facebook events will happen that as well will give helpful tips for success in training, nutrition, and testosterone optimization.
  • A Welcome Packet to give you the direction, accountability and support that you need.

This Program is over $1700.00 worth of Coaching for early registration Price of $599.99

This Program Is currently in CLOSED for Registration .

Important Dates:

Now until Jan 21st: Pre-registration information

Jan 21st:  Registration opens and limited to ONLY 10 guys

Jan 21- 28th:  Registration is $276.00 off the $875.99 regular price = $599.99

Jan 28 – Jan 31st: Registration is open to remaining spots left at $875.99

Feb 1: Registration closes.

Feb 4th:  Group Kicks off with the First ZOOM Call on February 4th at 5:30pm.  A welcome call and overview of information.

If you are interested in the Program please Click HERE to receive exclusive information and join the pre-sale list.  This list will reserve an exclusive spot in the program.

My 8-weeks segments of group coaching is limited to only 10 men.

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