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 Kettlebell Fundamentals

Optimizing rehabilitation means incorporating and integrating appropriate fundamental movement patterns into your client and patients program.  Performing site specific needs to address tissue and joint mobility followed by stability training are only one piece of the rehabilitation process.  You must integrate fundamental strength patterns.

Kettlebell Fundamentals is a workshop designed to enhance an athletic trainers domain of treatment and rehabilitation.  Administer therapeutic and conditioning exercise(s) using appropriate techniques and procedures in order to aid recovery and restoration of function.  Kettlebell Fundamentals teaches attendees fundamental strength patterns as well as regressions and progressions to apply to all patients and client needs.  Specifically in the application of the goblet squat, turkish get-up, dead-lift and two hand kettlebell swing.

The kettlebell has a unique shape and weight distribution that allows you to maximize the potential strength gains with minimal and appropriate load.


Kettlebell Fundamentals Outline of Course Content:

  • Incorporating Fundamental Kettlebell Techniques into Rehabilitation
  • Breathing Techniques: For mobility and for Strength
  • Incorporating Developmental Kinesiology
    • Crawling, Rolling, Rocking
  • Goblet Squat
    • Proper head, shoulder, thoracic, lumber, hip, and leg positioning
  • Dead-Lift
    • Mastering the hip hinge
    • Proper head, shoulder, thoracic, lumber, hip, and leg positioning
  • Turkish Get-Up
    • Moving from floor to standing and return to floor
    • Proper head, shoulder, thoracic, lumber, hip, and leg positioning
  • Two Handed Kettlebell Swing
    • Simple ballistic hip hinge movement
    • Proper head, shoulder, thoracic, lumber, hip, and leg positioning
  • How to Program these movements into a rehabilitation program
  • Build confidence in client and patient through fundamental strength
  • Teach that fundamental strength training is easy and sustainable

Kettlebell Fundamentals is a 4 hour workshop covering fundamental strength patterns.


Top Of the Swing. Kettlebell is floating, quads are tight, glutes are tight, abdominals are tight. AKA…a Standing Plank.




Deep Kettlebell Goblet Squat.



Kettlebell Fundamentals: 4 Hour Workshop

Where: Iron Body Studios

When: TBA

Price: $99.00



“I invited Eric and Artemis to Champion to share their expertise on training with kettlebells to our rehab and performance teams.  They do an amazing job breaking down the fine points of set-up, technique, and coaching cues to truly help you master the exercises.  Our staff is much more knowledgable and comfortable using kettlebells now and our programming for our patients and clients has improved.  We can’t wait to have them back!”

Michael M. Reinold, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 7.59.03 AM

My name is Matt G. and I am a member of a Division I Men’s basketball team in the Boston area. Throughout my high school and college career, I was always prone to groin/core injuries and I could never figure out why this kept occurring.  In the spring of 2010, I began to develop pain in my lower left abdomen.  I could not figure out what it was.  At first I thought with rest, the pain would subside. I rested two to three weeks and while the pain at first, seemed to dwindle, it came back after strenuous activity. It also hurt with lunges, crunches and basically anything that involved using my core, which is almost everything.  After dealing with this injury for an extended period of time and seeing no significant improvements, I had an MRI taken which revealed inflammation in that area but there was no hernia. I had a choice of getting surgery or working with Eric Gahan, athletic trainer of Iron Body Studios, on rehabilitating my injury.  I chose to rehab with Eric and two years later after never missing a practice or game in that time, I am writing this testimony.


Eric Gahan used a series of kettlebell exercises for my rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.  What I discovered during this time period was how kettlebells incorporated my entire body.  While doing rehab, I was strengthening my core, my upper body, firing my glutes and increasing my endurance all in one.   It was incredible.  One of our main focuses was to get my glutes stronger.  My squat was almost embarrassing. When we started, I could not get to parallel but 16 weeks later, my squat significantly improved which was recorded and documented digitally by video camera. The work was not easy, but it was detail oriented and focused on the weaknesses of my entire body.  Kettlebells were perfect because of their versatility.  While lunging, I could work on my core and shoulder strength.  KB’s helped with my hips, glutes, thighs, back, arms and especially core.  After 16 weeks of specific rehabilitation and strength and conditioing under the guidance and care of Eric Gahan, I was back on the court and 100% healthy.

I also had the best year of my career after working with Eric that summer and I know that training with Eric and pushing to correct my body’s weaknesses were key in my success. From that point on, I never had a problem with my groin or core and I can really thank Eric for that.

On Eric Gahan:

In my 5 year stint as a Division I collegiate athlete at 2 different schools, Eric is the best athletic trainer I have had. His knowledge, experience and passion for nutrition, physical therapy and sport performance is second to none. On his week off in the summer, he still came in everyday at 6am to make sure I was continuing to progress and for that I couldn’t thank him enough.  There are no better athletic trainer out there, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with him.

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